Create Beautiful Particles in After Effects – Motion Graphics Title Tutorial

Create Beautiful Particles in After Effects – Motion Graphics Title Tutorial

Need to design a great title sequence with particles? In this After Effects tutorial, we will create beautiful particles with titles. You will need Trapcode Form and Optical Flares in order to follow along with this tutorial. You can download the project file without the required plugins below. There are a thousand different ways to create a great particle sequence with After Effects. To create a nice particle motion graphics, we use the transform parameters within the effect and use rely on the camera to give us the motion that we need. Please let us know if you have any questions and good luck!

Download Project Files Here:

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21 replies
  1. Tris10
    Tris10 says:

    Can you make some transformation videos? Like how to transform one picture into another using "mask from objects" (:

  2. Rosomyat
    Rosomyat says:

    great looking particles with text . just I have a suggestion : Kindly please make a zoom in for some windows during screen recording so we can see more clear. thanks

  3. Danyal Fryer
    Danyal Fryer says:

    Great tutorial Sonduck! This really is beautiful work, all while showing us newbies how to use these plugins effectively.
    I’d love to see some matte painting videos – using only 2d layers (from PS or otherwise) then animating it in AE. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this to create 2D animations/scenes, but haven’t found a great tutorial yet.
    Keep up the amazing content – inspired me for my channel… *bump own fist*

  4. Marko Milovanovic
    Marko Milovanovic says:

    and it will be great to say what gpu we can buy, used best bay. What yo think about gtx 690 gpu for video editing?

  5. SonduckFilm
    SonduckFilm says:

    Hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and please comment on what you would like to see next from us! Also, open to feedback. Trying to improve our videos!

  6. Sorkary
    Sorkary says:

    Which Optical Flare plugin should I buy? At videocopilot there are 3 options but I have no idea which to pick

  7. Marko Milovanovic
    Marko Milovanovic says:

    where you learn all this stuff? you are awesome! I will love to see if u explame how to do fight scene and it will be great to explane how to make music video with colored light ( cheap light how to make gel for light) or AE characters how to work with this plugin. All the best 🙂

  8. Jeronimo Pepito
    Jeronimo Pepito says:

    If you’ll be using plug ins, don”t make such tutorials. Or you can give us crack. You’re not making a tutorial, you are just selling a product.


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