co~slip of the tongue 2/4 . . (‘ın YSE#27)

co~slip of the tongue 2/4 . . (‘ın YSE#27)

"in-significant outcome"

otoñosurprimaveranorte | ISBN 978-1-4457-9262-0




the (ñ)
the in-significant

No ya las cosas sino el discurso de las cosas.
No ya la interacción con el objeto sino sólo con el discurso del objeto.
in be displayed here has appeared of significados in an Imperio de significantes.
Update retórico: Discurso surfeador that no defiende ninguna postura, sospecha.
Surfeador sin fondo, disecciones of a forense de los sentidos.
¿Sublimación de los lenguajes?
¿Deconstrucción apocalíptica?
¿Gestión de los desechos en el final del juego?
¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos? ¿A qué hacemos referencia?
the ¿Sabe usted a que me refiero?
with El medio vuelto masaje.
Cuando el mensaje del medio es sólo el masaje del discurso.
Adicción masiva al soma diario de a discurso “renovado”, distractivo, sin consecuencias nor contenido, paradigmático en los mass-media y las redes sociales.
the Las palabras y las cosas
Lo que se nombra y es nombrado, convenciones culturales, significant-significado-imagen acústica-etiquetas.
El canal como portador de ruido incontrolable…
¿Cada vez a más alto nivel (como se entiende esta fórmula en programación) y más lejos de los objetos y fenómenos?


the (sh)
the in-significant

Not even things, but the discourse on things.
Not even interaction with the object goal just with the discourse on the object.
the Absence of significance in an Empire of signifiers.
Rhetorical update: Surf the discourse, not defending any stance, just suspecting.
Bottomless surfer, dissections by a forensic surgeon of the senses.
Sublimation of languages?
in Apocalyptic deconstruction?
the Waste management at the end of the game?
What do we speak about when we speak? What do we refer to?
in Do you know what I m talking about?
in The medium turned into massage.
When the message from the medium is just the massage of discourse.
Massive addiction to the daily soma of a “renewed” discourse, a distracting one, without consequences to the gold content, paradigmatic on mass media and social networks.
the Words and things.
the What names and is named, cultural conventions, significance-mean-jingle-label.
Channel as the bearer of uncontrollable noise.
the At a higher level every day (as this formula is understood in programming) and further from objects and phenomena?


the (ç)
the in-meaning

Not even things, but the discourse on things.
Not even the interaction with the object, but only the discourse on the subject.
the Absence of significance in an empire of signifiers.
the update rhetoric: the discourse-demanding of the user, only suspicious.
User without background, dissection by a medical examiner of the meaning.
The Sublimation of the languages ?
in Deconstruction apocalyptic ?
The management of waste at the end of the game ?
What are we talking about when we are talking about ? What are we referring to ?
in do you Know what I mean ?
in The message become a massage.
When the message of the medium is the massage of speech.
Dependence massive soma daily of a discourse that is “renovated”, that is entertaining, without a consequence, neither the content, the paradigm of mass media and social networks.
the words and things.
What names and is named, conventions, cultural, significance-signifier-sound effects-label ?
Channel as a peddler of noise control.
Higher and higher each day (as this formula is understood in programming), and other from objects and phenomena?


edit(ing), direct(ing) & complements_
fernando prats
art direct(ing) &design(ing)_
estudi prats
colacao & ordenaciones_
rivera valdez
biotranslat(ing) & reflejos_
alicia pallas
(h)original music_
albert jordá / nevus project
(h)original video_
raquel barrera sutorra
front cover(ing) index_ players
open(ing) in-troduction_ alain vaissiere
clos(ing) macbeth_ leonie polah
back(c)over(ing) discourse_ thomas hagström
the …from

novel aixendri
hernán dardes
manual diumenjó
wilma eras
oriol espinal
thomas hagström
h. o.
françoise lucas
jorge montecof
graciela oses
alicia pallas
leonie polah
fernando prats
beatriz giovanna ramírez
miguel ruibal
juan pablo sáenz
jef safi
nirvana sq
alain vaissiere
susan wolff


a coruña
acuitzio del canje
buenos aires
mar del plata

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