After Effects Tutorial: Creative Agency Promo – Motion Graphics

After Effects Tutorial: Creative Agency Promo – Motion Graphics

In this tutorial we take a look at creating a creative agency styled commercial. We also go over rigging and vector graphics.

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20 replies
  1. A1 Adventures
    A1 Adventures says:

    I forgot to add to my comment last night that I appreciate the tutorials you put out and they’re very good. I’ve learned a lot. A little more details into how you are doing stuff though would be greatly appreciated. Best of luck to you and your ventures Sonduck!

    MR SHADOW says:

    amigo,comigo as mãos ficam indo para d´baixo do laptop. como resolvo?
    My friend, my hands are going under the laptop. How do I solve it?

  3. Julie Torres
    Julie Torres says:

    how did you change the anchor point of the null object? PLEASE help, I can’t seem to do that. (using CC 2017)

  4. Taljeet Matharu
    Taljeet Matharu says:

    awesome tutorial buddy! very clear and to the point! and great little motion graphic too! keep them coming!

  5. Radish Alex
    Radish Alex says:

    You know SonduckFilm, you are so good at this but let me check your views, it only above 40000, means most people hard to follow you…

  6. A1 Adventures
    A1 Adventures says:

    You’re really. really. really. confusing. I know that it is because you’re obviously very advanced in after effects but this tutorial is almost unfollowable by a newbie. Maybe your tutorials are for advanced only. I just got so frustrated I had to leave a comment sorry. Good content. Hard to follow. (as a newbie)

  7. pedro de paola
    pedro de paola says:

    Hi! I love all your videos!!!
    Can i ask u something? Do u think its possible to do motion graphics as a proffesion? do u do that? is it hard?
    thank u and sorry for my bad english

  8. robert yeh
    robert yeh says:

    perfect channel josh, im just starting out animating and these videos are helping me tremendously. keep up the great work 🙂


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