Adobe Spark- Create Professional Images And Videos In Minutes

Adobe Spark- Create Professional Images And Videos In Minutes

For many years, Abode has produced some of the best software programs to assist graphic designers, photographers, and marketers. With the launch of Adobe Spark, they have packaged all their creative experience into three easy to use applications. Adobe Spark Post for social graphics, Adobe Spark Page for easy to design web pages, and Adobe Spark Video for slideshow presentations. Check out the video and watch a quick rundown on how to create a custom social graphic and also how to tell a story with a series of slides.

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50 replies
  1. Ashit Jalui
    Ashit Jalui says:

    hi i have just paid to videoscribe for wb animation and now i come across adobe spark which i think its cool ,pl advise what to chose between 2 for social media marketing

  2. Sudheesh Gopalakrishnan
    Sudheesh Gopalakrishnan says:

    This isnt good enough I would say. FB creatives itself has various dimensions for each purpose. How do I design for a Likes campaign or a Carousel ad? It only covers FB ad, cover photo creater etc. Is there a paid version in which we could customize the size ourselves? In that regards, I would say Canva is way better.

  3. EGD Global Gourmet
    EGD Global Gourmet says:

    I’m trying Spark video but it does not give me the same choice of themes that I’m seeing on your video. I have much fewer choices. Do you have an idea why or how to add themes?

  4. Mike Whatley
    Mike Whatley says:

    Why don’t people who introduce us to new software apps use real examples of how they use the app? Not "the story of a man". Boring and bland. No amount of enthusiasm can make up for it. This was a waste of time

  5. Pluto in Capricorn
    Pluto in Capricorn says:

    This is the first time I hear of ABODE. I know ADOBE, but not this new company spoken of in the description.

  6. Reuben Loewen
    Reuben Loewen says:

    Wow, are you still out there? I watched you years and years ago on Dotto’s Data Cafe! On one show you said that you started your day by checking your emails. I thought wow what a geek, who in the world has an email address and why not just pick up the phone and call the person. How wrong was I? We can not live without email today. Thanx for the great work, I have learned a lot from you and keep it going.

  7. Dave Debs
    Dave Debs says:

    Hi Steve, I really enjoy your presentation style and information. Another Steve (my name at birth too) said "the media is the message" and in it is so true! Looking forward to finding out more about you and following your creative spark! I also liked your story LOL–as I can relate (I was streaming video in the early dark days of dial up so I really can associate with the story. BTW, I am not too anxious to know the end of the story for about 20-25 years. Talk soon I hope.

  8. Just 4U Travel
    Just 4U Travel says:

    We use The "page" on Adobe. To make presentations for groups. The cool thing you can get rid of the link for the page. Spark is so easy to use too. Unlike wordpress pages on your website, which then get indexed, after a while (when the group/event is over) you would not want an indexed page from your website to disappear. 401 error I think. Thank for the intro to their video and post part, I have not looked into that. I may have forgot Spark did that. As always great information!

  9. Frank Zayas
    Frank Zayas says:

    Very cool, but a glaring omission is the ability to change the duration of the slides. These move a bit too quickly and it would be great to be able to adjust that a bit.

  10. Jennifer Néant
    Jennifer Néant says:

    Thank you so much for this clear and so useful video ! Indeed this tool is wonderful and will enhance the quality of my posts ! Jenny from 🇫🇷

  11. Jenny Macias
    Jenny Macias says:

    Are these template options not available anymore (Ginger, grunge, impact, etc.)? I have a premium account and I only have access to 8 templates and you cannot customize much.

  12. AndrewChen
    AndrewChen says:

    My Adobe Spark keeps on saying *Bad Connection, Sorry, we are having trouble connecting to our servers*

  13. Dan Hargrave
    Dan Hargrave says:

    If you would show us an example up front of what you going to make your video would be more helpful.

  14. Jeanne Andersen
    Jeanne Andersen says:

    I love your videos! You have a lot of fun with them and keep me focused on your topic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  15. Retox Media
    Retox Media says:

    I like the zing, zest, spunk, spark of this presentation. 
    I didn’t know the point of this software until I watched your video. I think I will incorporate these features into existing websites. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Dana of All Trades
    Dana of All Trades says:

    I know I’m a year late on this, but I really love how this video is detailed but not overwhelming. Thank you!


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