Adobe Spark – Create Incredible Social Graphics – OMTT19

Adobe Spark – Create Incredible Social Graphics – OMTT19

Use Adobe Spark to create stunning, optimized graphics for social media and share them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with this Adobe Spark Video. Use Adobe Spark to build animated videos and use them on your website and as part of your marketing efforts. Create professional looking graphics, videos and web pages with this simple, free tool!

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  1. Table Talks - Conversations for Reformation
    Table Talks - Conversations for Reformation says:

    Bro you’re everywhere!  I appreciate very compelling and assuring online presence!

  2. Iain Murray
    Iain Murray says:

    You might be able to help – do you know of any of these types of apps/software to create social media pics that are accessible to blind folk via screen readers? Canva is terrible for it and Adobe Spark isn’t much better. Thoughts?

  3. Andres A. Marulanda
    Andres A. Marulanda says:

    Hi Steve, just a quick message to say thank you for the content you share. Thanks to your videos I learned about Evernote and about a ton of apps, programs and tech in general. Keep it up!

  4. Paolo Messina
    Paolo Messina says:

    Thanks Steve more about re-purposing of content and applications in that area. Check the link to Snapchart I suggested in another video. I am curious to see more graphics re-purposing applications.

  5. Philomathic Studios
    Philomathic Studios says:

    Never even knew it existed. Great little tip. Cheers once again, Steve. Going to have a play learning it right now.

  6. Holobrine
    Holobrine says:

    I know politics isn’t your thing but hear this out:
    Facebook recently added a new feature called Townhall. You give it your address (only needs your street, not your house number) and it will tell you who your representatives are in government, and make it really easy to call them if you use it with a smartphone. I know this doesn’t really impact workflow but it’s still a useful thing to know, especially for United States viewers right now.


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