Adobe PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL-2018 | For beginners (4K)

Adobe PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL-2018 | For beginners (4K)

Premiere Pro Tutorial 2017 – 2018 for beginners. This video will teach you everything you need to learn to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018. Including Transitions, titles, effects, LUT, and many other things.


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Good luck! Enjoy!

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  1. LTHD
    LTHD says:

    i am on a pc after selecting what part of the video i want to add in the sequence for some strange reason i cant add it to the seqenece

  2. jhongGoPH
    jhongGoPH says:

    my project has no sound 🙁 i put different sound but when i exported it. It appears that there is no sound. HELP mePLS!

  3. SharkTech00
    SharkTech00 says:

    cool tutorial, the only problem is that when I open adobe premier the windows source and program are put together … how do I put them in place as in the video?

  4. Digital Marketing with Shivani Kaushik
    Digital Marketing with Shivani Kaushik says:

    Finally , I learnt how to make our own video.? Very soon, I will Make and send the link Here. Thanks

  5. AlberPao
    AlberPao says:

    Perfect Tutorial! I see you did only this basic one, do you plan to do other for Adobe Premiere e.g. advance editing features? It will be really appreciated!

  6. Times of Blessing
    Times of Blessing says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. You’ve covered all the necessary points for us that are new to Premiere Pro.

  7. scyllaandcharybdis
    scyllaandcharybdis says:

    Before I can actually do anything, I need to get Premiere Pro 2018 on my laptop. My question is, how do I even get this? Will they expect me to make monthly payments or something? I’d prefer a one-off payment where I don’t have to do any monthly payments… help please, I want to learn how to make quality videos but I’m new to all this. Thanks

  8. crypt clown
    crypt clown says:

    Very well done video. I happened to be looking to use titles between videos as a transition and by luck this video showed me how. everything is broken into pieces well, but comes together to make one complete project. Too many other tutorials is just folks showing off.

  9. Matthew Profeta
    Matthew Profeta says:

    For me this is the best tutorial video for begginers like me <3 I actually use Wondershare Filmora for editing, but now Im started to study this software to bring my editing skills to the next level. Again, thank you very much for this super detailed tutorial 😀 Love lots! All the way from Philippines 😀

  10. steve duman
    steve duman says:

    If you really wanna teach so move your mouse SLOW!! since all the buttons and icons so tiny hard to see!. if you move slowly we can see and learn better.


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