Adobe InDesign Tutorial Book Layout For Print-Tutorial InDesign

Adobe InDesign Tutorial book layout For Print in InDesign, Tutorial,

InDesign Tutorial how to layout a brochure for printing. Today, with Adobe InDesign tutorial where I will show you how the layout of a brochure in InDesign. I run into some of the neat and useful tips to be of use to your next brochure printing project in Adobe InDesign. Clothe yourself today with Adobe InDesign-tutorial of Satori graphics!

This is Tom with Satori graphics, back with another tutorial InDesign. I work in Adobe InDesign cc in 2018 in the cases where you ask yourself, what is the version that I used today. InDesign this tutorial is pretty simple, and I can show you a few tips on the print in the case of the use of this software, the projects. I have an example of a photo, brochure, design layout, to meet the needs of today’s InDesign tutorial. To follow, and you will learn a few useful tips for InDesign, and your work graphics of today.

I know that on this channel, I focus more on Adobe Illustrator, but I know many things about Adobe InDesign, so that is the reason why today you have a tutorial on InDesign. I have the impression that InDesign, as a software and graphic design, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. InDesign is ideal, to print the projects, as well as the output and manipulation of typography in a detailed and concise manner. InDesign is the “go to” when it comes to projects, printing and publishing-art-graphic-design. So, I hope you find this InDesign useful and easily watchable. I’m going to do more InDesign tutorials in the future, if you want to see the guys here at Satori graphics and more. So please let me know if you want to, and enjoy InDesign tutorials, and I’m going to go ahead and include more and more in the content of my calendar.

If you have found what section graphics, design, download, how, you let the layout of a brochure in Adobe InDesign pleasant or useful, let me know in the comments and drop a like on your way. Subscribe and stay up to date with all my uploads, and until next time, design your future today, peace



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50 replies
  1. Skye Walker
    Skye Walker says:

    how to make the second page your first page? you just remove the no.1 in the first but the numbering in second page is still 2. Thanks a lot!

  2. Casimir de Hauteclocque
    Casimir de Hauteclocque says:

    Is there possible to have several masks type (eg : for photo, photo+text, 2 photos, text only, etc.) within the same document ?

  3. Rommel Nimer
    Rommel Nimer says:

    Great Video Tutorials…. do u have page in fb? it will be a great learning while socializing if you got fb page…

  4. Anna Barnes
    Anna Barnes says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you for your help! Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I have yet to have someone so clearly explain how to get rid of that pesky page number on page 1 of a document.

  5. Norm Kitten
    Norm Kitten says:

    It might be helpful to explain the difference between reader spreads, which your file is, and printer spreads, which you would need if you are sending the file for print.

  6. Dana Kim
    Dana Kim says:

    LEFT PAGE ARTWORK OVERLAPPING ON TO RIGHT PAGE. What should I do? it looks okay in ID but when it’s exported in pdf, left page artwork overlapping on to right page.. 🙁

  7. L Liao
    L Liao says:

    Hello Satori, I used your method for making my own booklet. However, after i printed it, I found out that there were also margins / blanks in the middle of the page. Is that supposed to be normal? if i cut the margins in the middle, i will only end up having loose pages, which makes it weird for binding..

  8. Priya P
    Priya P says:

    Hello , nice tutorial , I need to know what is bleed and slug. ? Why it’s used? It is mandatory.reply plz I am waiting

  9. G. Samuvel
    G. Samuvel says:

    நன்றி (nanri) which means thank you
    It’s an awesome tutorial to watch and learn.
    I am from India
    And I am wishing you all the best
    Praise the Lord.

  10. Bryan Cui
    Bryan Cui says:

    One question, how do you make the ruler guide always starting from 0 for the view of every page ?Is that the default setting when you choose one of the Ai print template ?Working on a similar project, appreciate it !

  11. Xeroidian World
    Xeroidian World says:

    You convert an RGB image to CMYK then export a JPEG that you then stretch because you couldn’t remember your 3mm bleed… please tell me that this is just a joke! That you did this without blinking shows you know nothing of digital printing and less of colour management.

  12. Khalid Ait Ouferdou
    Khalid Ait Ouferdou says:

    hello i love your videos but i need just to tell me how i can download the adobe collection app 2017 for MAC ? Please

  13. Youmi
    Youmi says:

    Thank you for this tutorial 🙂 I didn’t speak good english, but i understand allmost all the things you said 😀 And i learn some precious things with InDesign

  14. Arnaud Mez
    Arnaud Mez says:

    WHoooow Satori Graphics !
    Another great video, just take note it has answered a very old question i was planing to ask when i will take ID courses.
    Now you have have helped me to be less idiot with ID.
    Possible to have more course of ID ?
    Would be helpful as it’s very good piece of software but not used because not so understood by many.

  15. Phim Anh
    Phim Anh says:

    Hello, Can I use this software to create the COVER only for my booklet. THe rest I type in word 2013.
    How do you import the product of Indesign to Word 2013 ?

  16. Benj Beech
    Benj Beech says:

    Thank you for the helpful tips on page numbers, I just tried making a booklet following your instructions, but my page numbers are hidden beneath the images I have put in place, how can I bring the numbers to sit above the images? Thanks

  17. Satori Graphics
    Satori Graphics says:


    Don’t forget to add an extra 6mm height and width to your Photoshop document, which will compensate for the 3mm bleed in InDesign. This will ensure you will not need to stretch and distort your image.
    Also, remember to set up your image and artwork as CMYK throughout

  18. Tazevinder Rayat
    Tazevinder Rayat says:

    Hi how do you print double sided? tried it on illustrator did not work printed the same cover page on the other side.

  19. Bernard Williams
    Bernard Williams says:

    WOW! This was great stuff. Thank you sir for sharing what you know. It helps me any many others. We are definitely learning new things each time. Have an awesome day!

  20. Paul Mikolajek
    Paul Mikolajek says:

    You can easily use RGB images for print projects in InDesign. It’s using the same image engine as Photoshop for CMYK conversion (can be chosen during .pdf exporting). Big downside of keeping CMYK links is they are larger than RGB images. Not a big issue while working on small flyers. Gets more problematic when you have hundreds of links and have hand you project files to someone else.

  21. Nurul  Farhanis
    Nurul Farhanis says:

    How to make a borderless booklet printing? For an example I want the image to be in between two pages so I do not want the border to be seen.

  22. calvan candy
    calvan candy says:

    If you want to edit a photoshop image that’s not working in InDesign hover on it press option or alt and double click and it will open in Photoshop – make your changes and it will update back in InDesign – just a tip for anyone who didn’t know!

  23. GuitarGari
    GuitarGari says:

    Hello, how should I do the "back" of the book where the filling goes? in case my book has 100 pages for example. Thanks nice tutorial.

  24. Artistic Wonder
    Artistic Wonder says:

    i wanted to see how to actually create the booklet template. I know how to create the pages but how do you make it look like a ready made book?


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