Classes of Adobe Illustrator in Toronto area Mississauga

Brief Description of illustrator courses

Adobe Illustrator represents the industry leading software for creating vectorized graphics. Many users rely on Illustrator and its numerous possibilities regarding drawing techniques, the use of effects and patterns, text effects, and 3D graphics creation. We invite you to take your work or your passion to the next level with this private course on Illustrator. You could then easily generate logos and many visual documents such as business cards and brochures, in electronic or printed versions.

Objective of Adobe Illustrator training

This training enables the students to understand and effectively use the graphics software Illustrator for their personal and professional achievement.

Course Content

. The fundamentals of Illustrator
. Graphics : vector and bitmap
. The work interface of Illustrator
. Tools
. Basic shapes
. Direct selection
. Graphic styles
. The object concept in Illustrator
. Order of superposition
. Hide and redisplay of objects
. Text handling
. Free, curved and captive text
. “Columning”
. Text vectorization
. Effects of perspective
. Coloring in Illustrator
. Exploration of different formats for the Web or print



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