Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial: Flat CHRISTMAS VECTORS | Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial: Flat CHRISTMAS VECTORS | Graphic Design

Posting a graphic design tutorial on a Thursday! We’re be diving into Adobe Illustrator CC and creating flat christmas vectors for motion designs or graphic designers. We will be designing several christmas vectors like presents, ribbons, a christmas tree, and ornaments. Adobe Illustrator allows designers to quickly create graphics that are scaleable in all adobe software. In our After Effects tutorials, we usually use vectors designed in Illustrator. Since, it’s the christmas season, we decided to create holiday vectors while showing how to use Illustrator. Hope you enjoy this Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial!

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7 replies
  1. Leonidas P
    Leonidas P says:

    Coming into AI from AE, so please excuse my noobness, but how do you make the background layer? I can’t figure out how to make a fill layer or vignette, so I imported one, but now every time i try to drag select everything I involuntarily select my background too, even though it’s on a different layer

  2. Leon N.
    Leon N. says:

    Great video!
    Can you please make a tutorial about the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC?
    I would be very happy about it!


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