How I Shot a Viral Timelapse Film

How I Shot a Viral Timelapse Film

I SHOT THIS TIMELAPSE MOVIE OF PHILADELPHIA CHECK OUT HOW! | I’ll walk you through my process to create this film from preproduction through the distribution and sale/licensing of clips and footage from my film.

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Check out this “draw my life” style video where I’ll explain how I came up with the idea of this timelapse film, how I planned it, scheduled the shoots, set the cameras, managed the files, did the post processing on each frame, made the video clips from the sequences of images, did the video editing, created the movie, and tracked down television producers, magazine editors, radio people, and used email and social media to spread the film far and wide and amassed over 100,000 views organically within the first couple months. I hope you guys love this video and the story!

Brushes used in this video:

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