Yanni and his orchestra have some fun in Philly [All Access: Season 3, Episode 5]

Yanni and his orchestra have some fun in Philly [All Access: Season 3, Episode 5]

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Join Yanni and his orchestra as they have some fun before the show in Philadelphia!

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Rain Must Fall

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  1. freestanding1000
    freestanding1000 says:

    First heard Yanni in early 90’s when my wife purchased "In Celebration of Life" from Columbia music house. From the first note of Santorini I was blown away. Never has music sounded so good, never has music spoke so many silent words, never did my ears feast on an aural banquet such as this. I have played Yanni’s music nearly every day since. In my car to and from work, at home, and when I workout or go for afternoon walks. The music penetrates the soul, soothes the mind, and warms the heart. I will never stop listening to him. Got to finally see him when he came to my city in 2012. Greatest show ever!

  2. Suzana Jacome
    Suzana Jacome says:

    .Yes…Two brazilian sisters who are Yanni’s fans for 30 years, already…and we hope to meet Yanni in person next time he comes to São Paulo – Brazil.

  3. Lucas Piñeyro
    Lucas Piñeyro says:

    Hello Yanni. My name is Lucas Piñeyro, a young songwriter has just 19 years. I would like you to know you had in mind and that is one of my seuños ati sing along, one of my songs to be played by you. My dream is to be a singer, what I like to do is convey my feelings through my songs and I would like to communicate with you. Yanni greetings. Lucas Piñeyro.

  4. Suzana Jacome
    Suzana Jacome says:

    But we believe in dreams coming true…and Yanni have been in our lives for 30 years…We’re sure this dream will come true. Kisses. Suzana Tavares Jácome – São paulo – Brazil.

  5. La Chilindrina
    La Chilindrina says:

    0:00 La melodía inicial "The Rain Must Fall" solo la encuentro en la versión en vivo y la versión antigua, donde puedo encontrar la versión de estudio como la inicial de este vídeo, porfavor

  6. Suzana Jacome
    Suzana Jacome says:

    I’m sharing all videos in a page on facebook I’ve created with my sister to show our 30 years’ passion for Yanni…

  7. Sanjeev Singh Tanwar
    Sanjeev Singh Tanwar says:

    You guys are just amazing! Love from INDIA😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Zorica Divkovic
    Zorica Divkovic says:

    Yanni..nije samo tek muzika…Yanni je strast i zivot!!!On se slusa i osjeca srcem i cijelim svojim bicem!nikako drugacije .
    Yanni…hvala sto postojis <3

  9. DoRayMeFa
    DoRayMeFa says:

    The Philadelphia venue looks like one of the most dramatic you’ve been to!
    Super funny video… plus (as always) great videography and video editing.
    Eats chutes and leaves, #bwahahaha
    Charlie Adams Quote of the day: "Yo, Adrian!"

  10. Yanni
    Yanni says:

    Yanni and his entire orchestra and crew are very disappointed that the tour in Australia and New Zealand has been postponed. A lot of people worked very hard for months trying to make this work and we look forward to rescheduling our tour in Australia and New Zealand in the future.

    Team Yanni

  11. Suzana Jacome
    Suzana Jacome says:

    This year we went to his show last oct.14th at Credicard Hall – São Paulo, but unhappily we didn’t have the chance to talk to him.


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