Wool Vortex

Wool Vortex
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Wool in a suet cage with some rocks for weight attached to a rope then wool flung around by drill.

By tackyshack on 2010-02-05 01:30:44

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  1. - Hob -
    - Hob - says:

    A suet cage? They lock suet up? Is it traditional or something?

    The steel wool physiogram is a thing that I suspect many have tried, (I know I have) but few, if any have succeeded. You know it would look completely mental if it worked.

  2. JacquiJSB
    JacquiJSB says:

    I heard a physiogram get mentioned then! Definitely looks like one especially with that spin in the centre.

  3. DikeJu
    DikeJu says:

    how could you handle the sharpness of the lens over all layers deep in the picture…. ?
    It is one reason why I didn´t start to work in the night with fire

  4. tackyshack
    tackyshack says:

    f/18 should be the reason for focus throughout. Had I have shot this at say f/7, that wouldn’t have been the case.


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