The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.

And for all you fact checkers out there:




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  1. FarRightofLeft
    FarRightofLeft says:

    Wait what? Is this woman is real?
    Food at the top of the food chain with many levels of contaminants? Human breast milk. Breast milk is still the best thing for a baby. Wow. LMAO The left’s biggest hypocrisy, OK to kill our children, just not with breast milk. lol

  2. FarRightofLeft
    FarRightofLeft says:

    After watching this, I am going to ensure I contribute to this arrow by shopping, shopping and consuming. I am going to contribute to the system filled with people that are also doing their jobs to get that product to me. And after all that, I am going to have dinner at Chic-Fil-A. lol
    Grow up!

  3. jake gomez
    jake gomez says:

    Bull shit! These aren’t real facts. It’s manipulation. Starts with fear and works through guilt and obligation. It’s a gross manipulation for political purposes. Don’t be a sucker look for true facts from scientific studies.

  4. FarRightofLeft
    FarRightofLeft says:

    OMG! It’s still BUsh’s fault. What a load of bullshit propaganda. And those completely devoid of history buy this crap. We haven’t become a nation of shoppers, we have ALSO been a nation of shoppers. History didn’t begin with Bush lady. And our identity is about being teachers, mothers, families, farmers and so on…. who are ALSO consumers. Boy the left sure likes to play that victim card to the T.

  5. FarRightofLeft
    FarRightofLeft says:

    RE Distribution, lady, if you have low skills, you get paid low wages. This is the beauty of capitalism. If a person wants to improve their life, get better educated or learn a trade and stop wanting to bring socialism to the states. It’s not going to happen. And they’re not skimping on health insurance, people can purchase healthcare on their own. Stop trying to push socialized medicine.

    LMAO and while you mentioned how the $4.99 came to be, you skipped over the parts how that 4.99 was done through SEVERAL JOBS. You math deniers are so cute. But seriously, your financial acumen is riveting. lol

  6. Bryan Merrill
    Bryan Merrill says:

    I learned more about the economy and the formation of civilizations from watching the animes "Spice and Wolf" and "Mayou" than I did from listening to her spew her Marxist propaganda.

  7. Yale Wang
    Yale Wang says:

    The overall message of the video has great merits, and I agree with the general message. However, the many logic flaws and inaccurate/nonfactual statements undermines the video’s ability to persuade. Just some examples:
    1. Toxic in/toxic out is a gross simplification. There are many examples of non-toxins in toxic out or vice versa. Biology is a complex set of reactions, and the toxicity depends on the specific molecule/state. Molecules change as they enter and exit organisms and factories.
    2. US uses 30% of the world’s resources. Are we referring to "renewable resources" here? Because otherwise it will only take 3 years to exhaust all earth’s resources. Or is it that USA make up for 30% of the world’s consumption of resources? Then the subsequent deduction that we would need 3-5 planet is completely baseless.
    3. You do not need to know all the interactions of all chemicals to come to an educated estimate of the overall impact. If all scientific studies are all conducted adding up each single part, we would still be in the bronze ages. You can analyze outcomes without knowing every single part.
    4. Baby’s having the highest LIFE-TIME dose…. this simply cannot be true, unless we are comparing the current number to a historical reference. Did you not grow up from a baby?
    … the list goes on.
    If we want to use reasons to convince others, we must keep our own reasoning rigorous and precise. Otherwise we are not doing our job. I do agree that how we currently define possession is very problematic. It may have all started with John Locke’s discourse.

  8. TheLevush
    TheLevush says:

    Who invented that stupid bumping lines? If stuff is drawn up on a computer, it can just look like this without breating and moving lies.
    It is at least the same kind of anoyance as bad audio is.

  9. FarRightofLeft
    FarRightofLeft says:

    Got $500 says this looney leftist drives her fossil fuel filled car to the local Starbucks, and spends the day trashing the government on her expensive iPad or iPhone, which she probably purchased with OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY! lol

  10. 7gmeister
    7gmeister says:

    The thing that I find absolutely hilarious is they worry about things like radios but electric cars are ok because they’re green?
    It’s been proven that the chemicals in the batteries and the manufacturing process for electric cars means that they actually are far worse on the environment than a gas guzzling SUV.
    Many people over the years have come up with solutions over the years that have been banned by the EPA or just flat out ignored.
    There’s videos on YouTube showing how to make cheap electric motors that require one battery like a normal car and can literally be built by you in your own home.
    There was a carburetor made in Japan as far back as the 80s that got 100 mpg which was banned in the US.
    There have been a number of cars made by ppl at home that literally take the hydrogen out of water and burn it as fuel and release the oxygen into the atmosphere sooo totally green yet they were rejected.
    Don’t be fooled by these idiots. They have an agenda but a slightly informed person can knock down their arguments in a minute

  11. KAREN Bouachour
    KAREN Bouachour says:

    I have asked many people to watch this video but they just don;t have the time, unless "they have to see it for a school project". tsk tsk. this is as important as an inconvenient truth. The truth is hard to take for most people. Please take time to care for our planet before we lose it’s beauty

  12. Karl Braunsdorf
    Karl Braunsdorf says:

    She lost me at “…it’s the government’s job to take care of us”. While we share some world-views, that one put me on high alert.

  13. Vicky WU
    Vicky WU says:

    I checked the facts that they provided in the information box. All those numbers she mentioned in the video, only 14 of them have "academic resource". So I highly doubt all those "exciting" numbers.

    AND in the meanwhile, Remember the US is the under the limited government situation. What government believes is free market will get the best way to run the society efficiently and effectively. If you would like to go to a government provide you with safe transportation, decent health care, fair education, why don’t you just come to China?

    IF you believe into free market or capitalism, then don’t blame corporations have stronger power than the government.

  14. Garrett Bottlinger
    Garrett Bottlinger says:

    “We consume more than our share of resources.” Then she only bases it on population, but fails to address our outsized GDP and the outputs of those resources being consumed by other nations as well. Also, the US is a resource rich country, so of course that would be the case. And “1/3 of the world’s resources have already been extracted?!” Resources aren’t always static, nor do we know the definitive amount available as technology improves. 10 years ago they thought we hit peak oil and yet production has continued to increase thanks to technology and alternative methods of extraction. And logging companies plant more trees than ever because they now realize the incentive to keep their flow of products alive. Capitalism with modest control is awesome.

  15. FarRightofLeft
    FarRightofLeft says:

    And NO, the people didn’t pay for the 4.99 radio you purchased. YOU paid for that radio. And you helped the myriad jobs to get it to you. One radio didn’t get all these systems going, hundreds of purchases of said radio made it happen. What a load of red herring bullshit if I ever heard of any.

  16. Eierdotter
    Eierdotter says:

    I can only hope that people who watch this, grasp that there is more to the story and that in every aspect of politics there is a bigger picture that you have to research yourself.

  17. cutieowl347
    cutieowl347 says:

    It is truly sad that there aren’t more views and the fact that people in the comments are just commenting about being here for a course assignment or the fact that the computer information is wrong. We as more developed countries need to wake up and change the way we see STUFF. We shouldn’t waste so much time and money on consuming but rather pay attention to the things that truly matter. Recycle as much as you can and stop buying useless crap you know you don’t need. Stop leaving on your lights on and stop leaving your shower on to wait for hot water. Turn your sink off when you brush your teeth or shave your legs. JUST STOP BUYING INTO THE ECONOMY THAT IS BUILT TO FAIL.

  18. TheSigmaInAverage
    TheSigmaInAverage says:

    4.7K people dislike this… cuz y? Arrogance, ignorance, or is it just love of, or dependence on something in this chain? Maybe they’re investors. I know there’s not that many CEOs and the like at the "top".

  19. Adam Beller
    Adam Beller says:

    It’s unfortunate that so many viewers are here because of school. Many "facts" in this video are skewed, nuanced, or generalized in a way that supports the anti-capitalist slant intended by its creators. While I support the message of reducing resource depletion, waste, and pollution, I strongly disagree with the approach here. You do not need to manipulate the truth in order to make a sound argument for sustainable living. However if your intention is to promote socialist environmentalism, manipulation is key.


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