The Gerry Blais Story: The Heart Felt Truth From an Ex-Synthol User (PART 1)

The Gerry Blais Story: The Heart Felt Truth From an Ex-Synthol User (PART 1)

The Boston Mass remains unfiltered and cuts through the BS in this heart felt interview of Gerry Blais (Part 1 of 2).

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  1. TheGangsterflavor
    TheGangsterflavor says:

    Well yeah I do test and D ball but he beat me cuz he was also going GH…

    GH should not be allowed

    See the flaw in that thinking?

    Once you do drugs you can’t complain about other competitors and the drugs they take.

  2. georgeEPC
    georgeEPC says:

    The guy just has a shit body now…his arms look like shit….and what’s messed up is he thinks it looks good. I’ll get other guys that have symmetry laugh at this guy

  3. TheGangsterflavor
    TheGangsterflavor says:

    Your perspective is off Jose. Why is it ok for them to do roids and GH but not synthol? Where does it stop? Its either drugs or no drugs. Once ya take drugs ya can’t bitch about someone doing a drug that you are not taking.

  4. Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit says:

    Synthol is the equivalent to selling cap guns, at a gun show.
    Their obviously fake, and the guys that act like they’re real look stupid.

  5. Paul Weston
    Paul Weston says:

    When we first start working out, I think i was about 17, we all have a vision of why we’re doing this, a goal. Over the years that vision may shift, you’re hanging around with larger people, your perception of large or freaky adjusts accordingly. Red shirt is now my goal, realistically I’m 57yrs old, I don’t want to eat 6000 calories a day, and I’ll never look like that no matter how much steroids I pump in myself, but it’s still good to have a goal in life.
    Black shirt, that’s not a look I think anyone would aspire to, not as a beginner, intermediate, advanced or veteran.
    I think it results from someone straying from the path and heading off into a weird little bodybuilding cul-de-sac.

  6. Edmund Olsen
    Edmund Olsen says:

    Steroids use is stupid too,real men do not use steroids and synthol,guy in red t-shirt dont like synthol,but he is full off steroids,come on,this is insane…wake up people…

  7. louie whinthorpe
    louie whinthorpe says:

    Synthol heads make juice heads look like geniuses lol and this guy tattooed Albert Einstein on his Bicep, in other words, tattoo of the smartest intellect on the dumbest example of Synthol e=mc2

  8. Michaël Paradjian
    Michaël Paradjian says:

    The synth guy has Einstein on tatoo on his biceps. I guess he though, "with this tatoo people will think I’m smart" What type of smart guy pumps oil in his body?

  9. Lucion Wolf
    Lucion Wolf says:

    First of all the video sounds like shit. And on top of that this dumb ass actually was stupid enough to get on here and try to look humble and making the use of synthol justifiable what a fucking Dutch bag. You are destroying you’re body. You will regret this in 10 to 15 and being weak as fuck. You guys are idiots and the sunthol guy is what’s wrong with our sport and make our sport look bad.

  10. TheMrmoc7
    TheMrmoc7 says:

    Very intelligent
    Does personal training

    ???? He trains people how to inject synthol? If he’s so smart then why does he inject synthol?
    I’m confused.

  11. ToborAtonmi
    ToborAtonmi says:

    Looks like Golds on Landsdowne at the end. Gosh I miss that place– I’ve belonged to so many gyms in my time and that’s the only real gym I’ve ever been to.


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