Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008

Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008

Lecture 1: Goals of the course; what is computation; introduction to data types, operators, and variables
Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. John Guttag
View the complete course at: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-00F08

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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  1. Gorzzee Raja
    Gorzzee Raja says:

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  2. Taurus Viking
    Taurus Viking says:

    I love this video. I’m 41 and have decided to pursue a career in computer science with zero knowledge or experience. Wish me luck kids.

  3. Thoth
    Thoth says:

    Thank ya much mate!!! Is the class still starting off with Python or have you guys transitioned to another language?

  4. opotime
    opotime says:

    Thx for the upload.

    If only 6 Primitive are enough for all…
    i think you need to build Hardware.

    Still scratch my head about that 🙂

    Im from Germany so plz forgive my bad writting.

  5. Robert Remuszka
    Robert Remuszka says:

    Is there anyway to access those problems/projects he was talking about? Does MIT post those with the courseware stuff like this?

  6. dota leavers
    dota leavers says:

    i love this lecture… thanks youtube. If only MIT can find ways to make a live season available worldwide. I would attend that class.

  7. Privacy Matters
    Privacy Matters says:

    *Advice to all beginner programmers: don’t do it* ! Go to med school and become a doctor instead. You’ll have an easier time becoming a doctor than you will a programmer, and you’ll have a job when you finish. People are desperate for doctors.

    *To anyone that says "computer science is not that hard", they are downplaying the complexity of the field* . Computer Science is a field with more breadth and more depth than law school or medical school. There is an overwhelming amount of information to know, so much so that you’ll be lucky to remember even 1/10th of what you learn, and you might only utilize 1/100th of what you’ve been taught on an actual job (although you’ll never a find a job in IT anyway because they’re all in India now).

    *Computer science knowledge pushes the boundaries of human understanding* . This is knowledge that wasn’t even possible 100 years ago. It’s the most complex field there is… period. The most brilliant people in world history have a background in mathematics, physics (which is math), and computer science (which is math).

    Sure, anyone can fake having enough CS knowledge to mess around with trivial websites, but that’s not where it’s at. That doesn’t make you a scientist any more than changing a tire makes someone an engineer. 99% of the people working in the IT field aren’t doing the stuff that involves any actual complexity. They’re doing basic "book-keeping" tasks. *The 1% of CS grads build software for the other 99% (the lackeys) to maintain and make small, minor alterations to* . That’s the truth.

  8. Leo
    Leo says:

    What’s the difference between 6.00 and 6.0001? Can I take any one of them if I want to understand the fundamentals of computer programming? Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Gábor Holp
    Gábor Holp says:

    MIT is amazing. I really appreciate it! I like a student in MIT, although i live in Hungary! thanks MIT you are cool!

  10. Romalution
    Romalution says:

    Can anyone tell me what the point of these classes are when I can just learn a programming language online for free or buy a book?

  11. XXmattxdaxboss XX
    XXmattxdaxboss XX says:

    I’m only 12 but I am so interested in computer science, MIT you can see me in your university in about 6-7 years.

  12. cracking pirates
    cracking pirates says:

    why the heck you did not included c++ it is the language which can be used for low level programming?

  13. Umesh Raj
    Umesh Raj says:

    I wish if these videos would have been in HD quality, peace of code is not visible. Max pixel size is 480P, cant see the text clearly.
    MIT: Could you please upload your videos above 480P to have better text visibility. Thanks in advance.

  14. Kalen1457
    Kalen1457 says:

    I watch some of these lectures just to make myself think I’m smarter than I really am, when in reality I have no idea what any of these brilliant professors are talking about…it’s all jargon to me, but it still looks so cool and interesting!


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