Learning with Brain-Computer Interfaces – Prof. Aaron P. Batista

Learning with Brain-Computer Interfaces – Prof. Aaron P. Batista

Fast and Slow Learning with Brain-Computer Interfaces
Aaron P. Batista, University of Pittsburgh

When we learn, the brain changes at nearly every level of organization. Synapses form and strengthen, individual neurons change their tuning properties, and cortical maps expand. My research examines how learning alters the coordinated activity of populations of neurons. This is a particularly important level at which to study learning because it is the action of populations of neurons that drive behavior, generate perceptions, and undergird our cognition.

February 2018

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  1. MONOLITH 2045
    MONOLITH 2045 says:

    Great info… funny how people want this and don’t see the real agenda behind all this transhumanism. Hope more wake up. 🤖👹👺😈

  2. gretta fahey
    gretta fahey says:

    My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  There are bi-directional  submerged  bio-sensors imbedded in all parts of my brain and body.  These bi-directional submerged sensors processes and transmits electrical signals both to and from different parts of my brain and  body.  
    The thought signals that come from my brain are being read by unknown staff who can reply to my thoughts if and when they feel like doing so.   These staff can also inject signals into my imbedded programmable sensors in order to force a selection of my facial and neck muscles to move totally against my will.  They occasionally inject digital signals into my visual cortex in order to force me to see a variety of sometimes disturbing neural images. They also inject digital signals into brain which makes me feel sensations both on and in my body, totally against my will and without my permission. These neuro staff can inject digital signals simultaneously into the visual, auditory, tactile and olifactory senses of an unwilling and unknowing human being in order to force that human being to have a virtual reality experience without wearing a virtual reality helmet. They may not even know that they are having  a technology enabled virtual reality experience.  They may erroneously believe that they have had a supernatural experience.
    The unknown staff work for military black projects.  They have been sworen to secrecy.  Otherwise they would inform the media of the freedom that the human race is about to lose by being universally and forceably linked by wireless means from implantable bio-chips to a network of computers.  This computer network is being monitored and controlled by more and more informants who sign up to something they wish they had never signed up to.  Please warn the world.  Please ask your political representative to have all wireless enabling technology disassembled and destroyed.  The existence of satellites are largely believed to be a hoax, and what we have all been seeing in the skies over our heads have in fact been stationary drones which can easily be shot down.  The enemy always exaggerates their powers.  Scalar weapons and many other reported weapons are also believed to be hoaxes.  My website is called http://www.targetedindividualsireland.net

  3. M Zeeshan Iqbal
    M Zeeshan Iqbal says:

    Thank you for sharing wonderful presentation. It is by learning new skills and knowledge neurons gets stimulated increasing brain functionality besides taking adequate sleep and rest as well.

  4. Andew Tarjanyi
    Andew Tarjanyi says:

    In order to form an "opinion", the title of this video tells me everything I need to know, the conclusion of which, this man is an imbecile. As impolite as this may be, it is, nonetheless an accurate diagnosis of his intellectual state in that it is low order function and is both a reflection and sad indictment of a traditional education.


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