Learn to draw and paint with ImagineFX issue 114

Learn to draw and paint with ImagineFX issue 114

How to draw & paint: issue 114, out now, with stunning cover art courtesy of Charlie Bowater. Find out how she did it in a four-page workshop.

We ask if it’s ever okay to copy another artist’s work, take a tour of Boston Figurative Art Centre and interview American legend Don Maitz. Plus Toni Foti tells you everything you need to know about Photoshop.

We have all your usual favourites: a 16-page section dedicate to traditional art; the latest news from the fantasy art community; digital and traditional art FXPose galleries; and many more workshops and Q&As.

And you’ll find a ton of assets available to download or – along with video workshops – watch on our private channel. See magazine for more details.

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