How to make an Animated Number Counter in Adobe After Effects (CC 2017 Tutorial)

How to make an Animated Number Counter in Adobe After Effects (CC 2017 Tutorial)

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Learn how to use expressions in After Effects to create a Money Counter in this motion graphics tutorial!

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50 replies
  1. Minute Hustle
    Minute Hustle says:

    this was really helpful thanks its going to help me for the things I do. maybe we could become youtube friends? 🙂

  2. Ashton Zee
    Ashton Zee says:

    Thank you, i just hit 1k subs and I’m doing this effect in the video. Also giving you a shout out Justin. Thanks


  3. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    Great video! One quick question, how would you go about maintaining a center alignment? For instance when you’re at 0, it’ll be in the center, but then once numbers start coming in it appears more aligned to the right. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

  4. Edgar L - F
    Edgar L - F says:

    Cool video bro! It definetely works. But, my decimals remain in 0 when they move up or down, howe can I make them change? annnnd How do you add a coma when you reach 1,000 or more zeros? tyvm

  5. Gaming Exe's
    Gaming Exe's says:

    Hi, is it possible, for example, to add an image INSTEAD of a character, next to the number? Lets say that instead of a "$" i want to add the image of a little coin, so when the number increases and moves by its increasement, the coin next to it will move accordingly. Thanks a lot in advance

  6. While Away Productions
    While Away Productions says:

    Great video, really clear. Can you suggest how I might animate a large money number: $5,100,198.00 to $0.00?

  7. Chanelle Quezada
    Chanelle Quezada says:

    Hi Justin! I’ve tried adding the $ multiple times without any success. Do you have any suggestions? I can’t get any prefixes added whatsoever. Thanks! Xx

  8. Abdurrachman Jalaluddin
    Abdurrachman Jalaluddin says:

    Dude, i want ask, can i count until cause in slider max 1000000, please help dude

  9. Andy Tomkinson
    Andy Tomkinson says:

    Great tutorial, however when I add a money sign it just comes up with expression error? Any ideas. I’ve watched 5 times to make sure everything is the same?


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