Guitar Lesson for “More Than a Feeling” by Boston

Guitar Lesson for “More Than a Feeling” by Boston

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Here’s “More Than a Feeling” by Boston! Thanks for supporting me at “MartyMusic”!


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  1. matt8863
    matt8863 says:

    For the impatient…
    4:26 Intro
    6:35 Part 2
    7:05 Part 3
    9:33 Part 4
    12:20 Part 5
    13:40 Part 6
    14:10 The bridge
    14:50 Solo
    16:01 Solo again.

  2. americanbanned
    americanbanned says:

    Thank you very much Marty, greetings from Durango, Mexico . Great song, great teacher ,Master teacher , Thank you .

  3. Alberto Pappini
    Alberto Pappini says:

    I prefer this lesson than the one you made on the other channel some year ago. Great work, and simple to follow you.

  4. Michael Alves
    Michael Alves says:

    I wish people made guitar tutorials easier. Saying I need to play a D string is like foreign language to me. I just want to know where to put my fingers, don’t content creators like this know that most people clicking on their videos have never touched a guitar for more than a day?

  5. known man
    known man says:

    Why so fast. Starts with a good pace that can be followed then you get to the power chords and you rip through the rest of the song.. was good until that point.

  6. CL bites
    CL bites says:

    Struggling with power chords! Could you do a video on them in general, actually let me just check you haven’t already…

  7. Larry Harshman Jr
    Larry Harshman Jr says:

    Absolutely love your lessons between watching your videos and taking lessons this old dog is finally starting to grasp things a little

  8. Keith Hazelton
    Keith Hazelton says:

    Such a great classic song, thanks for sharing it with us. Along with Aerosmith, one of my favorite 70s bands. Love to see you do a lesson on Boston’s “Hitch a Ride.” Many thanks!

  9. Db Cooper
    Db Cooper says:

    I knew from the beginning when I saw him looking at his strumming hand that I wouldn’t be using this lesson. Bro you look like a beginner.


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