Golden Gate National Park Rock Formations

Golden Gate National Park Rock Formations
The Sandstone Rock Formations at Golden Gate Highlands National Park in the late afternoon sun (Free State Province, South Africa).

Eucomis grows on the rock face in huge numbers.


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By Martin_Heigan on 2012-04-07 17:25:35

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  1. steadfast thunder
    steadfast thunder says:

    Real imposing with wonderful colours! Have tried a few times but I still have to take a successful Golden Gate shot!

  2. maik ramke
    maik ramke says:

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  3. Kazooze
    Kazooze says:

    Hey, the Golden Gate is in San Francisco…And I knew these rock formations weren’t in California! What a gorgeous shot, Martin…and a surprise to me to learn there’s another
    Golden Gate somewhere else in the world!! :o)

  4. educated bike
    educated bike says:

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  5. Foot Slogger
    Foot Slogger says:

    Such grandeur.

    The angle at which this is taken causes the curve to look like a dip…as if the whole thing is collapsing in on itself.

    [seen in Naturally Magnificent]


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