Follow Me Around Pittsburgh! Modeling for ModCloth VLOG

Follow Me Around Pittsburgh! Modeling for ModCloth VLOG

Hi my loves! Thank you so much for watching 🙂
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50 replies
    LYDISANC21 says:

    I love that outfit you were wearing in the photo shoot on the last day. As always you look beautiful! Love that LA lippie.

  2. BlueOrchid
    BlueOrchid says:

    I love Goodwill. You never know what interesting things you will find there. You and your Mom look so much alike. She seems like a fun Mom.

  3. Michelle M.
    Michelle M. says:

    Loved this! You look stunning, as always. And does Ruby speak Spanish? Because I saw that her black sweater has Spanish writing. xD Ps: your mom is so lovely and cute!

  4. The_Sallie Style
    The_Sallie Style says:

    Oh darn I totally wish you would’ve done a meet up while you were in Pittsburgh I also live in Pittsburgh mod cloth is something that I am super proud of because it’s Pittsburgh born! It will be so awesome to see you all over their website modeling yeah hey! No Pittsburgh is not known for its hotdog sadly I wish we had some better hotdog places here thought we are known for lots of good food but mostly for the permantis Sam wage which is totally awesome and lots and lots of other good Polish and Italian kids!

  5. Desi Jane
    Desi Jane says:

    love you video, I have being sick all day and because of you I feel like I’m going out anyway. so thank you so much for making my day more fun x

  6. Sarah Vause
    Sarah Vause says:

    I hope that makeup tutorial comes out before Saturday night! I have a wedding to go to and it’d be PERFECT!
    Love ya guuuurl

  7. Sara Grabowska
    Sara Grabowska says:

    omg, you are so beautiful.
    I found you on youtube few days ago and I am refreshing your channel few times a day, hoping for any new video!
    I am so in love with your channel, every single minute makes me more confident about myself.
    Thats so cool that there are people like you, trying to help others, to make them more confident about themselves.
    Thank you for that. Maybe that’s lame what I just said but I thought you should know that there are people who are really thankful for what you are doing. It is a little thing but changes a lot to most plus size women that follow your channel.
    I wish to say more but my english isn’t that good to express all I feel right now. What I can say more? Keep going girl, you are doing great job.

    Btw, I hope for more videos about dresses!

    Your fan from Poland.
    Yes even in poland we know about you and I hope more girls will find you on youtube. <3

  8. Tammy Soetaert
    Tammy Soetaert says:

    I love watching your mom in your videos. I can tell she is slot of fun. you should do a video where you do your mom’s make up or she does yours or the whisper challenge with her. she seems like fun and I would like to see more

  9. DestinationIsWorthIt
    DestinationIsWorthIt says:

    Loving your videos! Thank you. First time I have been smiling in a LONG time. I simply must know where you got the cardigan you’re wearing after the 2nd day of shooting. The first day of your sunburn. It is so light and pretty. Keep up the amazing work you are doing! You are awesome!

  10. Chcodiva78 R
    Chcodiva78 R says:

    Oh that is so cool you were in my state. I love the clothes I am going to check out their site. I did want to ask your opinion on what makeups are best for darker skinned women?

  11. Brandi Ruble
    Brandi Ruble says:

    Lovely Vlog so happy to have found you. My head is spinning w all the makeups. Not sure if you have a vlog on budget friendly ones. This single mom needs a bit of revamping my style, Please help….

  12. Rashidas Mama
    Rashidas Mama says:

    Shout out to the middle age lady wit short hair and nice glasses. ..I feel you girl….you guys are sooo cute! smooches darlings!!

  13. Desiree Sunny
    Desiree Sunny says:

    it’s so funny to see your own area from someone else’s view lol Hope PA welcomed you kindly. There are some aholes here ha jk ( no really but isn’t there everywhere?) xo


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