Duck Bulgogi | This Stuff Is So Good

Duck Bulgogi | This Stuff Is So Good

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Duck, Duck, Goose By Hank Shaw:

1/2 cup rice vinegar
1/3 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
4 green onions
2 tablespoons ginger
5 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of sugar

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50 replies
  1. Taylor Chapman
    Taylor Chapman says:

    Just so happens I was planning on cooking some duck tonight! And I’ve got all the ingredients you used! Might have to try this tonight! Keep the videos coming man!

  2. Trophy Husband Outdoors
    Trophy Husband Outdoors says:

    Definately interested in Lauren’s opinion of the recipes (sorry if I butchered spelling her name). Been with my wife for over 14 years, and finally have her (barely)starting to come around to eating processed deer and elk meat. Haven’t got her to give duck much of a chance yet, and I’m always looking for good recipes which don’t require grinding the meat, and that someone who didn’t grow up eating wild meat might try and like. Thanks for the cooking content!

  3. Nreigens
    Nreigens says:

    You don’t always need a thermometer. If you press on your meat that will indicate how well done the meat is. The firmer it is, the more well done it is.

  4. Joe Pacheco
    Joe Pacheco says:

    Awesome seeing recipes other than bacon wrapped. Lol. I made a "beef" broccoli with goose breast and my friend who swears he hates goose had seconds. Lol.

  5. Spence Bourque
    Spence Bourque says:

    you gotta pot roast them ducks like we do in Louisiana, stuff them with green apples brown them on the stove then oven for a few hours, cover ducks with bacon while in oven, then pull out oven, brown your vegetables in the pot then use a good chicken broth and red wine and cook ducks down in the gravy, serve with chicken rice and enjoy, message me if you want the instructions.

  6. Phix
    Phix says:

    Welp, looks like I’ll be ordering that book. Thanks for the video! I can’t get most of my friends or family to eat duck or goose ("it tastes gamey" – yeah, well, it’s wild game duh) so maybe this will help.

  7. Meh
    Meh says:

    Dude. You have the show. No shortage of ducks. Why not a duck cookbook? Duck is definitely a bird that needs a good cook due to livery taste of over cooked. I do a dry-brine of salt, brown sugar, thyme and some other seasoning. Then smoke breast with apple wood for 20 mins til medium. Amazing.

  8. John Kristof
    John Kristof says:

    I lucked out, I got a picky girlfriend but man does she love my duck recipe. If I make it without her she gets mad. Looks good man.

  9. meghan754
    meghan754 says:

    Still not brining before hand… shame… all wild fowl will be better after brining…. it rids lots of the blood, you won’t see it come to the top of the breast meat as yours did at 7:58….. brine it… rinse well, then do your marinade… spectacular flavor without blood rich meat.

  10. Anthony VanLeishout
    Anthony VanLeishout says:

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the way you treat your woman. I also appreciate the work you put into making your videos. Could you make a video on why a jerk rig is good and how you feel about the jerk rig versus a spinning wing decoy? Sorry if you already have I just haven’t seen it yet on your channel. Also you’re video on sick calling has really helped me. Thank you again. Also a lady from idaho made a cookbook called " I can’t believe it’s duck" by Vicki Patterson you might check out out

  11. Roostersnake
    Roostersnake says:

    Bulgogi now you’re speaking my language. Sesame oil is fire. If you want to be cool save the green parts of the onion and add them after you blend everything else. Traditional bulgogi is thin sliced beef. Maybe try slicing the duck before you marinade it. It would allow more surface area for the marinade to work better(more Bulgogi flavor) and cut your cook time down to like two minutes. Your lady friend is right about cooking in the marinade too.

  12. Austin Price
    Austin Price says:

    I first heard of Hank Shaw on Steven Rinellas meat eater series… Hank is a master when it comes to cooking game meat.

  13. John Slover
    John Slover says:

    Read hank shaw’s section in the beginning of the book about dry aging. Its definitely a game changer on house the meat taste

  14. Phil Sweeney
    Phil Sweeney says:

    Hank Shaw is a James Beard award winner and has a group on FB called Hunt Gather Cook. Check it out. He also has a web page of the same name. Tons of different recipes. I also have a group on FB called Recipes from around the web. It is where I post all kinds of recipes I come across while searching for other stuff, mostly from FB.


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