Digital Art for Beginners: How to Get Started Quickly

Digital Art for Beginners: How to Get Started Quickly

Digital Art for Beginners is a guide for artists who are completely new to digital art and want to know the basics of what’s required to quickly get started making art on a computer or mobile device. I’ll share the tools you’ll need and I’ll answer some commonly asked questions you may have about getting started with digital art.

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50 replies
  1. Surprise toy City
    Surprise toy City says:

    Thank you. I thought it was simple, but now I realise how much hi tech is making our lives so complicated. I will stick to my pens, markers and papers.
    PS : And… hey people ! I won’t tell you which tablet to buy ( Buy WACOM !! ) never ever ! ( Buy WACOM !! ) don’t even dare to ask me ! ( Buy WACOM !! )

  2. Presturinn Prúði
    Presturinn Prúði says:

    0:46 Why didn’t you mention laptops? You made it sound like there’s only DESKTOP computers or tablets lol, most people have laptops, they’re okay to use for digital art right?

  3. Anna Marie
    Anna Marie says:

    This made me think that maybe I can use my tablet for sketch’s and ideas. I have a Wacom hooked up to my laptop and sometimes I’m discouraged because I need to sit at a desk and it can be some work to move it and I could get more drawing time if I also have a easy option for simpler ideas and I’m just beginning to learn. Any suggestions for good Apple device drawing apps?

  4. ramiz should
    ramiz should says:

    Aaron can you tell me where can i find a free Video Editor for my videos please or you can make a video on it… please

  5. Rachael Madd
    Rachael Madd says:

    Your channel is exactly what I have been looking for. 😀 I have a Huion tablet that has a screen that I got at a pretty good price. Pretty decent quality and still works well after 2 years now. But I suck at digital art. Hope to learn more from your channel.

  6. Xx Sea Frog xX
    Xx Sea Frog xX says:

    I want to get a mobile app for art called “ibis paint x” it’s a free version of the original “ibis paint” which costs money. I just wanted to ask if anyone has the app and if it’s worth it

  7. Green waves Aj
    Green waves Aj says:

    I use my tablet as my device. I can’t go out and buy a sylist so I just use a home made one. The only issue I have is that I have to wet my stylist every 15 mins which isn’t to bad for a pen I made with things at home. I made mine buy taking a penicil taping a q-tip to it. Next I wrapped some tinfoil around the q-tip and made sure the tin foil was touching the q-tip. I next tapped down the tinfoil to make sure it was secure. I next used some ribbon to make sure my pen was really secure. After that I tapped it down and then wet the top very lightly ( DONT DRENCH THE Q-TIP ) if you need to keep a paper towel near by to help make the pen just damp. The whole point of this is to mimic a pen and the q-tip tinfoil combo mimics your own finger accept its smaller and you can actually see what your drawing. I hope this helped anyone who can’t get really good drawing software. This works on almost all mobile and touchscreen devices since it mimics your finger. I wouldn’t suggest this forever but maybe just temporaly. I personally like the app sketchbook for mobile also! Keep up the videos also Aaron there really helpful!

  8. Minecraft Gaming
    Minecraft Gaming says:

    Do I really need a wacom tablet or a laptop/computer? I only have a smartphone and it doesn’t support pen pressure.. Does that mean I can’t draw on it?

  9. Emerald Cat
    Emerald Cat says:

    Pls answer my question( ^ω^ ) when i but a drawing tablet that has a monitor already like the one you can draw directly on, do you have to download photoshop or other programs or are they already installed? Nobody ever answers my questions T^T

  10. Caitlin Grall
    Caitlin Grall says:

    You can use a stylus on any mobile device or chrome book or something like that but just keep your sleeve over your hand so it doesn’t think you are trying to use your hand

  11. Rhianne Bassett
    Rhianne Bassett says:

    Would anyone have any suggestions for a somewhat affordable tablet/pen which supports pen pressure? I’ve been drawing with an IPad Mini and my finger for years.. think it’s time to get a tablet now lol.

  12. Zelia Ronel
    Zelia Ronel says:

    I decide want to be freelance. But at morning till night im busy help my family business. Only at night im have free time. I got confuse either i should buy wacom or tab. I need large size comfortable to skecth idea. If i use wacom i can only use at night. But for tab like you mention 0.48 easy to skecth idea when away.. im still begginner. I think better buy tab samsung, at night i only transfer my work to my laptop. How should i pick tab which good?? Like the pressure touch pen??

  13. Whicker Friesian
    Whicker Friesian says:

    Taking the plunge into digital art!
    (::CRINGING:: inside )
    Your channel is the first I’ve looked at, and so far, I LOVE what I’m seeing!

    So, what tablet shou,,, *WHACK*…. uhm, oh, sorry… 🙂

    I’ll be looking through all your videos, ’cause I DO appreciate the work/time/investment folks like you put into them.

    Thanks ahead of time for sharing them with the rest of us!

  14. shiinx
    shiinx says:

    Well, I thought of having The Ugee graphics tablet, and on Ebay it was less expensive.
    Although, I hope it has a good quality like Wacom has.

  15. Little Star light
    Little Star light says:

    Hello! I am a student who is interested in drawing, photography and video editing. I wondering if I should get a 2 in 1 laptop like Hp Specter x360 , Surface book etc.. Or a powerful laptop with good graphics and a drawing tablet (Cus have a small Wacom Intuos Draw)?
    Ps: I would have to keep using it for years and I travel around a lot, but I don’t mind carrying some extra weight . Thank

  16. Caitlin Grall
    Caitlin Grall says:

    Why am I watching this I have drawn digital art since 2 years ago lol. Btw I have an iPad Pro to draw it has an Apple Pencil so it’s easier and I use ibispaint it’s really good and it’s free but to get some brushes which some of them you don’t really need unless you are someone who always uses brushes you have to pay for them or watch an ad and have them all free for 18 hours very useful I love it I have never switched from it and I started on it as well

  17. Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher says:

    Been.. using..a mouse and my fingers in my whole life.. but even though I work with a rock..I’ve learned some tricks with them😊😋😂😂.. broke as hell

  18. Cliff DaRiff
    Cliff DaRiff says:

    Which is a good software for creating simple drawings that look like dark pencil sketches when printed?


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