Camelot 3000-After Effects Cutout Animation

Camelot 3000-After Effects Cutout Animation

My “individual” animation final for my Animation II class as a sophomore at the University Arts

We had our Individual Animation AND a group stop motion final to do, but I am happy with the way it came out. Was going to add SFX but made it messier so I kept it a music-driven piece (thanks to David Orr of Newgorunds

The character puppets were made in Photoshop, same with the background but the buildings were made in Flash. Because of the size of the puppets and the fact that I wanted in HD, it took a LONG TIME(3-5 hours on one machine, 2 on another) to render. My Macbook Pro failed to render it out every time so I had to use stronger desktop computers, causing a huge setback on the day it was due.

This was also the first time I used Inverse Kinematics for After Effects, which proved EXTREMELY useful for animating the future Future Knight. Big thanks to Duik Tools.

Once you learn the set up (very helpful video tutorial on site), it becomes very easy. I had a couple hick ups, like if it says “a layer is already named this” or something if you messed up. A good clean fix for me was to delete the controller, delete the guide layer (it automatically puts those at the bottom for each IK chain you make). Then delete the Expression code for the layer you made the IK chain on.

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  1. Hyper-Shan
    Hyper-Shan says:

    This is done really well! It must’ve been fun making this isn’t it? =D

    I really love the animation of the puppets! Also, at first glance, I thought that robot character looked like Emerl (from Sonic Battle)… cool! =)

  2. Chakra-X
    Chakra-X says:


    I’ll tell it’s a LOT more fun than writing a paper. What’s not fun is deadlines D:. But I did enjoy making even though it was for school.


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