Animated Urban Plan in After Effects (level up your plan game for real)

Animated Urban Plan in After Effects (level up your plan game for real)

Download project file here (After effects and Illustrator)

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33 replies
    VIKASH KUMAR says:

    Can u please make a video about what kind of elevations, sections and 3d views to be made so that our design looks more good or become more presentable.

  2. Jorge Carballo
    Jorge Carballo says:

    Saludos desde México. Tus videos me han ayudado como no tienes idea ya que en mi escuela no enseñan nada de Adobe. Qué consejo le darías para alguien que aun estudia Arquitectura antes de entrar al mundo laboral
    ? Excelente canal.

  3. William Mcmeekin
    William Mcmeekin says:

    This is really cool but unfortunately my tutors would rip me apart if I tried to present them anything on a screen that can’t be printed off. I really wish there wasn’t this bias against computers especially in architecture school, it really holds back creativity and innovation

  4. Denise Stuur
    Denise Stuur says:

    such a cool idea for showing plans!! please make more of these video’s! I am a landscape designer so they are really helpful!!

  5. Betina Araújo
    Betina Araújo says:

    omg! this is exactly what I needed! Do you have any Idea when the Illustrator tutorial will come out? It will really help right now…I’ll wait here ❤
    Thanks for the tutors, I’m here since the begining

  6. Arqalbertocendales
    Arqalbertocendales says:

    hasta ahora me entero que este canal es de un colombiano jajajaj buena esa me han ayudado mucho los videos ñ_ñ afortunadamente se me da el ingles xD felicidades por el canal.


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