5 Best Unity Youtubers

5 Best Unity Youtubers

Some of the greatest Youtubers that helped me 🙂
Discord: https://discord.gg/TKauGGj

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  1. SpeedTutor
    SpeedTutor says:

    That’s the first time I’ve been called the King of something, haha. Thanks.

    A very professional video, I wish you all the best with your channel! 🙂

  2. Johnny Sausage
    Johnny Sausage says:

    To be fair, Brackey’s doesn’t really make tutorials anymore so I don’t think he should be on this list now. He makes random videos with no relation to each other. Jimmy Vegas still makes series slowly, although they are coming out much quicker this year. SpeedTutor still does well.

  3. CyBrology
    CyBrology says:

    Oh yeah!….Ihave followed u since ahh long time….and yes ur right speedtutor king and the best…👍 Well if i talk about other more channels then sykoo is another good channel for unity game design and level design tutorials and for 3d modeling …"blenderguru" channel is a great place even he has website for tutorials and also the danny mac 3d for 3d modelling…it feels good too be see people supporting each others work in community….Awesome tairagames

  4. ChrisGr32
    ChrisGr32 says:

    Sykoo and his Level Designs tho…I’ve been helped by everyone in this list, truly amazing job all of you (my favorites have to be Brackeys and quill18)

  5. Tonko Caric
    Tonko Caric says:

    Check out Blackthornprod, I’ve stumbled upon his channel while searching for ai behaviour tips! He doesnt seem nearly as experienced as the guys mentioned here, but he has some great ideas and has Brackeys’ level of passion for game dev!

  6. Freddx L.
    Freddx L. says:

    I really like those YouTubers but IMO "C Sharp Accent" is one of the best, he don’t speak english really good but their Tutorials are amazing, but sure are not beginner tutorials are pretty professionals, looks like he know are the secret in the game industry.

  7. Zouhair Serrar
    Zouhair Serrar says:

    I followed some video series by Sebastian Lague exactly a year ago and now I am a Unity expert. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to learn unity to follow his 3D shooter tutorial.

  8. CallMeCraig
    CallMeCraig says:

    *Desperately searches through the channels mentioned for an 8-direction (cardinals and diagonals) character controller tutorial where the diagonals actually work**

  9. Aaron Bowley
    Aaron Bowley says:

    you made such a great point. i’ve learned SOOO much by people making mistakes on their tutorials i wish someone would make a compilation of all the best mistakes that happen in a tut that actually provided helpful information the youtuber wouldn’t have even probably thought to teach

  10. robin vail
    robin vail says:

    Its time for a new catagory of game. I am going with science progression and future fiction. Evil or good, smarts win.

  11. David Harford
    David Harford says:

    Subbing and joining the discord.

    Entropyvx out!
    (Yeah, used to use RPGMaker VX, but couldn’t figure out how the heck to script in Ruby!)

  12. Baxtiyor Bahodirov
    Baxtiyor Bahodirov says:

    I think the first place is created for Brackeys! I have see other channels but Brackeys tutorials are very comfortable! ReCreate video to this theme.

  13. Jeremy M.
    Jeremy M. says:

    Thankyou for the info! I’ve been trying to find some good channels on the subject.

    Would you happen to know any tutorials that would focus more on using unity for animated films than gaming? I’m new and I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything yet.

  14. DanSparrow
    DanSparrow says:

    Well it is a good selection, I do have subscription to 4 of them will check the 5th one, but they all have great tutorials.

  15. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Great vid. I hadn’t subbed to a couple of these, which I now have. The top two actually. Also, I have watched hours of bergzurg who I also think is good value.


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