15 and Injecting Steroids – Bignattydaddy

15 and Injecting Steroids – Bignattydaddy

American teenager Bignattydaddy gained online notoriety from his use open use of anabolic steroids on his social media channels, a controlled substance which are illegal without a prescription in the USA.

This documentary follows him as he bodybuilds to try and achieve the perfect physique and answers his many online critics who disagree with his drug taking.

If you need help with addiction and are based in the UK, you can get help here

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50 replies
  1. G-Funk Is Like Dope
    G-Funk Is Like Dope says:

    he might have microscopic balls. if you do steroid at 15, when your body is not fully finish, you will have so probleme with your balls and your penis. getting big muscle, but little penis lol. not worth it

  2. marc morales
    marc morales says:

    I’m not gonna brag or anything but I am pretty sure his size is like mine but way more natural and stronger than him and same age because steroids won’t give strength for you its just hormones. But there is a video a steroid user tried to beat a skinnier man and the bodybuilder lost because pure muscle always win than drugs

  3. mb alfadly
    mb alfadly says:

    This is fucked up
    Being big fast maybe fun now but later you will end up as an old steroid junkie who dies at the age of 50

  4. Ggghs Edss
    Ggghs Edss says:

    I love how steroid users tell others not to use it!! Lmao you idiots don’t want others to make transformations in a few months and feel confident because then it’s like they did it to and it takes away from them looking better then others. The problem is steroid users get mad when people say I’m doing a cycle that they need train first, blahhhhh ahhhaha that’s them trying to keep steroids like it’s their little club and they don’t want people to to easily access what they have. It’s a common psychology among humans that they want do something others don’t. So they get mad when average guys can take gear they also take. It’s just like teens who listen to a band before they get big then say well I was listening to them way before you.

  5. The Travis Waggoner
    The Travis Waggoner says:

    This is a perfect example that taking anabolic steroids at a young age really doesn’t make you look any better, especially if you don’t have the genetics for it. Most kids get stronger faster than they ever get bigger. Muscle takes time and that’s why you here bodybuilders talking about mature muscle. If anything wait until your bodies natural foundation is done growing and filling out before you mess that up. Who knows maybe this kids biceps would’ve elongated first had he not introduced a synthetic hormone to replace what God gave him.

  6. Ben S
    Ben S says:

    15 years old and 210lbs lean even with gear I think not although I understand where he is coming from I was hella skinny a few years ago weighed 140lbs now I weigh 180lbs but I still look in the mirror and think I look small some days

  7. CarltonNation
    CarltonNation says:

    lol i am natural and i look better imagine if i juiced..but i wont lie he has some impressive lats 4:46…lats always been a problem for me


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