Internet marketing training

Private Internet Marketing Training

The online marketing training offered are above all based on attentive listening to your needs. This personalized and user-friendly training approach allows you to progress at your own pace. The course content in internet marketing is made up of three different courses that can be followed independently, depending on your needs and your field of interest.

One of the objectives is, among other things, to guide you in the influence of your multimedia projects and in your personal and professional development.

Website SEO course

The training in rwebsite referencing is a course that allows you to know and learn to identify the important elements of a good website SEO. The course makes it possible to establish and learn to measure the state of the indexing of a website and identify ways to improve your site's presence in search engines.

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Course in website optimization / SEO

The training in website optimization (SEO) is a course aimed at allowing you to better know or deepen your notions of optimization, as well as to better understand the different elements of good content optimization and to make corrections. Learn how to measure and evaluate the positioning of various elements on a page or site in order to improve its consideration by search engines, therefore its visibility and thus increase its traffic.

Course on Google Analytics

The training to Google Analytics is a course that teaches the basics of using the Google Analytics data collection and analysis tool. The course also aims to help you recognize and be able to analyze the data collected in this way. The objective of the course Google Analytics and to enable you to become aware of the provenance and strengths of the status of your Internet outreach work and to use this to measure your future efforts.

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