3D Lessons Studio Max Ottawa Gatineau

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3D studio Max workshop

In the field of 3D animation and computer graphics, the 3D Studio Max software has become essential. Much more used by film professionals, this program has become very useful for a good number of people who want to create a 3D object and bring it to life. Whether it's the cinema or the video game industry, this 3D studio Max program is indispensable. This workshop will then provide you with extremely important training if you are a beginner, but also professional development if you are already in the field or want to succeed in your own project.

Course objectives

After the end of this continuing education, the participant is expected to understand how the software works and especially its interface. But also to design a graphic object in 3D, to make it realistic and give it an animated rendering as lively as possible.

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Enter the 3Ds Max software environment
Understanding View Layouts
Know the landmarks
Work scene and preferences


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Graphic creation
Graphic modeling
Selection and modification
The different primitives
Types of shapes and their use
Deformation of objects
Method of using the battery


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Detailed explanation of the Material Editor
Choice of 2D or 3D textures
The texture modification tool
Effects applied to textures
Lighting and camera layout
Lighting settings

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Have a better rendering
How to get a good rendering
The correct image resolution
The best geometry
Antialiasing options
The use of the assembly tray
Light distribution
The different light sources
How to control shadows


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Understanding 3Ds Max software requires some basic computer science. The trainers base themselves on the level of each participant to advance. And if it is necessary to start private lessons or private lessons, the expert trainers in the field do not hesitate.

For companies that want a certain originality, understanding this software is also a very good thing for their visibility. A seminar, a conference or even a business coaching are planned to facilitate their task.


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