3D Studio Max Quebec training

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We use 3D Studio Max in the development of 3D animations, video games, films...
A large number of specialists use 3D Studio Max. The production of certain films such as: X-Men II, The Core, Final destination II and Jason against Freddy was carried out with the involvement of 3D Studio Max software.
3D Studio Max is a model in the world of 3D animation and computer graphics. It is built on a modular architecture and supports plug-ins (extensions), as well as scripts written in a proprietary language (maxscript).

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Whether it is for the creation of a virtual world, photographic level renderings or animations, the 3D Studio Max training will meet all your requirements!

Given the extent of the possibilities of the 3D Studio Max software, the training offered includes 3 different components (workshops):

3D Studio Max: introduction

modeling (with objects)
introduction to lighting and animation
rendering overview

3D StudioMax : in-depth training (continuation of the introduction)
introduction to texture and special effects
advanced modeling
scripting of animations (storyboard) and integration of sounds

3D StudioMax : video game orientation introduction to the video game environment
advanced modeling
deepening of notions specific to texture
rendering for video games

Pedagogical approach

The 3D Studio Max course is based on a personalized approach that takes into consideration your background, your skills and what you want to learn.
Documents or materials provided
Technical assistance

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