Adobe After Effects cc training, Ottawa in business

Adobe After Effects CC Course Toronto and Ottawa

The software Adobe After Effects Calgary is a reference in the world of graphic animation, but especially in a very specific field: the movie theater. In fact, he is one of the precursors of graphic montages and in the special effects design of great quality. It contains plenty of instruments that allow you to perform graphic works dazzling. The purpose of this training is to give you the means to understand this software and to use it in your graphic creations. Regardless of your status, this workshop is important for everyone, especially for those looking for a powerful software with which to make beautiful visual effects.

Adobe After Effects Ontario Course Objectives

This continuing education in ottawa will allow to grasp the perfect functioning of the software Adobe After Effects Toronto in order to carry out all his artistic tasks. At the end of the program, you must be able to achieve realistic designs with beautiful effects either for the publishing, them videos or even to try a career in the movie theater.

Private Company Training After Effects Ottawa

  • Program interface
  • Navigation and personalization
  • Concepts of key point and layer
  • Workspace preferences
  • Introduction to output modules
  • Impregnation on video animation

Video editing course Adobe Toronto and Ottawa

  • Key points, compositions and velocities
  • The particularity of the Alpha layers in After Effects
  • Green screen insertion methods
  • The masks, layers, and animations in After Effects
  • Presentation of effects
  • How to follow a movement or tracking
  • Render or output file properties
Advanced Adobe Premiere Editing Workshop in Ottawa
  • Discovery of masks and animation advanced (transfer controls, stabilizer, graphic editor, etc.)
  • Professional Development in Toronto, Ontario on the new effects to integrate (perspective, styling, particle generator, etc.)
  • New layer options (discreet mode, motion blur…)
  • Coaching on the vectorization of Alpha channels
  • All vector options
Learn After effects in Toronto and Ottawa
  • Know the three-dimensional layers
  • Arrangement of lighting and cameras
  • Influence between layers and cameras
  • Designing an animation 3D

Coaching Adobe After effects cc Ottawa and Toronto

  • Business Coaching for the design of a project with a After Effects training
  • Private lessons or private lessons for the methodology of operating a project After Effects
  • Seminar and conference to boost professionals who want to start their project in the Outaouais or anywhere else.