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Corporate courses in Montreal and Quebec in 3D Vray rendering Photo realism

3D Continuing Education on V-RAY in Montreal

Learn how to create amazing images from scratch! You do NOT need any prior knowledge. Online Academy + Live Classes. If you are an Interior Designer, Home Stalyst, Scenographer, Stand Designer or Visual Merchandising and you want to stop depending on others, this course is for you.

V-ray Vision is a tool that allows us to render in real time with our graphics card and can be used for any V-Ray for sketchup project quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to its speed, we can see in real time all the changes made to the materials, lighting, framing and camera animations.

Present your designs more realistically, with these high-impact programs. Thanks to its intuitive workflow, you will obtain 3D modeling that will give a more professional touch to your proposals. Save time and ensure the success of your projects with a SketchUp and V-Ray training in Montreal


Available during business hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Montreal time zone


Remark: The lesson plan outlined above includes knowledge/activities typically covered in a class at this introductory skill level. The teacher may, at his or her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs and skills of the students.

For more information, please contact our staff by email at info@jfl-media.com or by phone at 1-866-259-5647

Vray Basic Settings and Overview

•Organization of a scene
•V-Ray: Presentation of the interface
•Gamma Correction
•Light sources in Vray
•Interpretation of real light sources in Vray

The physical principles of light

• Theory: Indirect illumination (GI)
•Application; global illumination in Vray.
•The perception of colors and the light spectrum
•Theory: The Terrestrial Environment
•Colors and lighting temperatures

Framing Principles | Physical camera

• Shooting and framing.
•The functionalities of the physical camera
•The Bokeh effect

Creation of atmospheres 1: the Exterior Scenes

• Daytime Atmospheres: SUN / SKY
• Daytime Atmospheres: IBL Techniques ( HDRI ).
• Mixed Nocturnal Atmospheres: environment / artificial lights
• Mixed Nocturnal Atmospheres: Choice of artificial lights | lens effect.
• Mixed Nocturnal Atmospheres: environment / artificial lights

Vray Shaders

•VRay MTL and Principle of creation of textures without bitmap.
•Bitmap blending techniques
•Shader mixing principles
•Occlusion maps and dynamic masks
•Basic Glass
• The bodies of water (sea, lake, swimming pool)
•Base metals
•Basic fabrics
•Vray Light Mtl | Flame

Production Techniques

•Image Quality Control: antialiazing vs shading rate
•Color Mapping management
•Indirect GI illumination quality control
•Production of Render Passes

3d creation workshop with v-ray in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton


The online course V-Ray for SketchUp Montreal is a 3D modeling program with the fastest learning curve of any program in existence today. Sketch Up was specifically designed for architects to be intuitive and flexible to use, making it much easier to use than other 3D modeling software.


In the V-Ray course for Sketchup Montreal we will learn to work with the scene, the materials and the lights to obtain a high quality rendering with the idea of showing the project as faithful as possible to reality, we will learn to work with interior, exterior and night scenes.

V-Ray workshop in Toronto and private courses for 3D rendering in Calgary


Architects, interior designers, students Specialists in 3D visualization. People interested in presenting their projects with the best professional quality and looking to deepen their knowledge with digital tools such as V-Ray and Photoshop. To get better job opportunities Professionals looking to enrich their portfolio with professional projects focused on 3D modeling.

3d rendering workshop with v-ray for the field of architecture, specialized training for Architects in Calgary and Edmonton

For Vray and Sketchup training courses.

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3D graphic designers wishing to train in a powerful, fast and intuitive rendering engine will find in this training the fundamentals necessary for V-Ray in order to produce realistic 3D images with 3ds Max.

Use intermediate and advanced functions 3D TRAINING WITH V-RAY

With this Vray course in Montreal you will discover the keys to 3D photorealism. Everything you need to understand clearly and deeply what it takes to be able to create photorealistic 3D images in a solid and consistent way. 

English courses 

The other courses available are: 3D CREATION WORKSHOP WITH V-RAY

Standard for the production of photo-realistic images for the cinema and architecture sectors, this V-Ray Quebec courses is a must in the world of 3D.

Recently updated, the latest version of V-Ray offers a simplified and efficient interface becoming the essential tool for any 3D professional wishing to produce high-end renderings himself. This vray training in Toronto allows you to understand all aspects of this rendering engine, compatible with the main creation platforms such as 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp...

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Each human is different, the duration of the courses depends on you, your project, your objective, your experience.

All courses are fully customized to apply to your current projects and meet your needs.

Companies that want to update the skills of their employees and professionals. And anyone wishing to acquire a new skill or improve their own, students, etc.

We are always looking for professionals interested in sharing their expertise with our clients. Please send your CV and/or Portfolio to info@jfl-media.com


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“JFL was fantastic to deal with. My trainer, Sanaa, was professional and efficient and paced the training according to my needs. By the end of the training, I had a solid grasp of the material and was comfortable with the application independently. use JFL's services for any future application training. Thank you, Sanaa! "
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“JFL Media did a great job of focusing on the basics of all areas, and also highlighting important terms that would definitely help me in my day-to-day task using Indesign. great starting point. The instructors know what he was doing. Very accommodating, patient, answers all my questions with live examples. Strongly recommended !! "
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