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Learn how to create responsive design websites.Course on responsive website creation in Montreal, Ottawa Quebec


A website is essential for everyone today. In this technological century, it is the one who is most in the digital age who comes out on top. The website design thus represents the possibility of having a showcase on which your image or that of your company will be reflected both in Ottawa than anywhere in the world. Only, with the development of technologies in the field of mobile telephony and especially with the invasion of digital tablets, e-readers and Smartphones, you no longer just have to make a website design, but ensure that your site has a responsive design. This aspect will allow it to adapt perfectly to all terminals. In doing so, this online training will help you understand the basics of Web programming to finally allow your website to be perfectly optimized. Moreover, with the seminars at Hull Where Gatineau you could understand more, the importance of this new type of design to your site.

How to create your website in Montreal

  • Workshop on the types of terminals, their resolution, the operating systems.
  • Course on devices that work with terminals, as well as different browsers.
  • Reinforcement on the mobile market and synthesis on the place of this one in the current world.

Understand the basics

  • How to design a website ? Concept of servers and content management system.
  • Presentation on the concept of computer language.
  • Explanation and continuing education in language HTML5.
  • Design methods and techniques of responsive design.
  • language seminar CSS3 used in web design.
  • Understand all Media queries.
  • Various implications on the Viewport.
  • Clarification on breakpoints.

Make a dynamic website with the responsive aspect

  • Web coaching on the different paths to take for a good design
  • Adapt CSS languages to all terminal properties.
  • Understand the methods of ergonomic realizations of your site.
  • Know how to differentiate between the different types of designs (mobile and web).
  • Detailed and concise explanation of graphic components and all aspects of responsive such as Frameworks and responsive libraries.
  • Observation of sites that already work with the responsive aspect.
  • Know how to appropriate images, texts, and other media to the container.
  • Know how to insert data tables and various navigation menus to your website.

See more

  • How to optimize the performance of your responsive website?
  • Management of the different impacts on your content.
  • Practical work with a private teacher or other trainers.
  • Complete your project with a responsive website.

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