Photoshop banner ad design course

Training for marketing director on the creation of web banner advertising with Adobe Photoshop CC

How to Create Banners in Photoshop CC

Specialized training in business everywhere in Quebec at your offices

Find out how to design responsive web banners that work on all platforms and devices.

This course will teach you how to use photoshop and HTML to create prototype designs for every device, market and advertising space. You can then submit these completed prototypes to your web developer (or take our HTML course and compile them yourself).

This course takes the form of a private session, so you can bring your own designs or make your own ads and banners during class if you wish.

Adobe Photoshop course in Montreal, continuing education
Adobe Photoshop course in Montreal, continuing education
Introduction to web marketing and advertising

Design your ad

  • Vector and pixel ads
  • Design for multiple platforms
  • Screen resolution issues
  • Generate artwork from scratch
  • Reuse existing illustrations
  • Understanding Sliced Images
  • Working with text in Photoshop
  • Optimize image quality and size
  • Export your artwork

Make your ad work for you

  • Use a strong call to action
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Impression and click tracking

Prototype your ad

  • Browser compatibility and semantic elements
  • Work with the network
  • Design for smartphones
  • Design for tablets
  • Design for the office
  • Creation of the wireframe

Essentials of HTML and CSS

  • Produce the wire frame in HTML
  • Understanding background images
  • Use an existing HTML template
  • Using HTML to show your page prototypes
  • Informative web developers
  • Maintain backward compatibility
Business coaching on web marketing and social media and web3 for the metaverse
Business coaching on web marketing and social media and web3 for the metaverse

Courses cover how to create banners and marketing materials using Adobe Photoshop CC

1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC : Learn to navigate the Adobe Photoshop CC interface, create new documents, and explore the software's tools and features.

2. Basics of Image Editing: Learn how to use basic image editing tools such as cropping, resizing, adjusting brightness and contrast, color correction, etc. in Adobe Photoshop CC.

3. Working with layers: Learn to use layers in Adobe Photoshop CC to combine multiple images into a single drawing or composite and make adjustments without affecting other layers in the document.

4. Layer Effects and Styles: Learn how to use layer effects such as shadows, glows, bevels, embossing, and more to add creative flair to your designs in Adobe Photoshop CC.

5. Text effects and typography: Learn how to add text effects such as outlines, drop shadows, and more to your designs in Adobe Photoshop CC. Create professional-looking typography for a variety of projects, from web banners to posters and flyers.

6. Work with smart objects: Learn how to work with smart objects in Adobe Photoshop CC for non-destructive editing that lets you quickly adjust settings like blending mode or opacity without affecting the layer or the original object of the image.

7. Creating Custom Shapes and Brushes: Learn how to create custom shapes and brushes from scratch or from existing images using the vector drawing tools available in Adobe Photoshop CC.

8. Prepare banners and marketing materials for print and web: Learn how to prepare your banner or marketing materials for print and web using the export options available in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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This course is held as a private lesson, so you can bring your own creations or create your own announcements during the course if you wish.

You don't need any design or coding experience to take this course.