Corporate Dreamweaver training

Dreamweaver Enterprise Training Workshop

Brief description Adobe Dreamweaver courses in Montreal, Gatineau
HTML is a language used in the creation of websites. The professional creation tool Dreamweaver is ideal for creating rich and attractive sites, while avoiding headaches.


Bring the student to better understand the Internet, Dreamweaver and aspects of interactive communication through the web. Thanks to the concepts learned during this course, you will be able to establish your real needs and create your own website with the software studied.

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. The basics of Dreamweaver
. Knowledge of pre-production stages (tree structure, storyboard, wireframe)
. Differences between static and dynamic sites
. Understand website plan, optimization and update with Dreamweaver
. Webpage properties
. Presentation of the various working modes
. The tables
. Images
. Hypertext links
. Layout by CSS
. Site management with Dreamweaver
. The forms
. Browser test
. Testing form fields
. Event handling with Dreamweaver


Know how to use a computer.


The Dreamweaver course is based on a personalized approach that takes into consideration your background, your skills and what you want to learn.


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