Unreal Engine 4 – Creating a Health Bar and Health Regen

Unreal Engine 4 – Creating a Health Bar and Health Regen

In this tutorial, we will be creating a very basic health bar using widgets and blueprints. The health bar, based on the players current health will also slowly regenerate.

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  1. C9Ozarlin
    C9Ozarlin says:

    Great tutorial! Helps noobs like me get into game design. I love the engine too since it seems to cater to new people like me because all the tutorials I’ve seen, seem to have a lack of any actual programming *happy dance*

  2. HurtLockerGamingHD
    HurtLockerGamingHD says:

    8:24 So I did a little custom thing where I have three "regens" and two of them are suppose to slowly decrease the water and food which they do both work perfectly, all I did was make it -.0.2 out of a 100 value anyways… so when I get to 8:24 (I’ve already troubleshot everything and they all work alone (The single bars, HP,Food,Water ) also (yes I’m a bit of a noob at this..) Anyways – I tried to use a sequencer like I’ve done on the "eventbeginplays" but it dose not work – so to the question not possible to make more then one event ticks? if so anyone know the "string them together linearly." thing? no idea what that even means….. anyways any help will be appreciated also have a good one everyone!

  3. League Of Gaming™
    League Of Gaming™ says:

    I have the Event Begin Play connected to somewhere else and i can’t create another one. What i can do?

  4. Keeper69s
    Keeper69s says:

    Works in UE4 4.13, however, this upload may be catered towards individuals whom have been dabbling for a while and simply forgot how to create a HUD (highly doubtful).

    I have no means of disrespect – only to better understand from a learner’s perspective.

    For future reference, please plan your outline for further tutorials.

    A tutorial, from ”tutor” – to teach – I, personally, did not learn a thing from this, as fast past as it was. It was a simple copy/paste job of a method that can be completed in a variety of ways. "This is how I did it” says something other than "This is how to do it".

    Maybe, a little more substance as to WHY you ”did what you did”, rather than ”there isn’t a point to using an integer”. I’m rather new to UE4, although, If we’re not dealing with percentages, why not?

    Why did you go from a float to a string so suddenly? Take some time and vocalize your thought process instead of just finishing the tutorial.

    Also, what kind issues could we expect out of this method and what could we do about em proactively? – It’s obvious that those of us watching your video are expecting damage, health loss, etc, in our projects. When creating the blueprints that intersect with damage loss, what could we possibly run into?

    If Health Regen was not to be implemented in a design, what would this do to your method? I’d like to believe that Health Regen was only added as a way to demonstrate it.

    I checked your page and uploads and can see you are pretty knowledgeable in your trade, however, there is no follow up to this video. Did you make this for a friend?

    Lastly, within almost the same breath you thanked us for watching and asked us to subscribe. Not to mention, you have League of Legends running in the background, so it really has me question whether or not you actually wanted to upload this video.

  5. Patriot 03
    Patriot 03 says:

    How would we do this WITHOUT using an "event tick"? It’s best not to use event ticks for games, causes unnecessary CPU load.

  6. Ian Rehm
    Ian Rehm says:

    Thx this help a lot but i was trying to make the health and energy bar at the same time then it took me hours to get them both working at the same time i found out that i had to put both health and energy widget under one class widget or whatever it called

  7. Juan Contreras
    Juan Contreras says:

    im trying to do the same thing to xp, but it only show the necesary xp to lv up, and the current xp stay on 0, any one can help me?

  8. Joshua Geransky
    Joshua Geransky says:

    Does anyone know how to have this replicated? I’m making a multiplayer game, but it doesn’t work for the client. They still die, but their health bar doesn’t work. No text, no nothing.

  9. The Kiwi Kingdom
    The Kiwi Kingdom says:

    My health bar isnt working it i get an error on the set percentage
    Error Blueprint Runtime Error: Attempted to assign to None from function: ‘UpdateHealth’ from node: Set HealthPercentage in graph: UpdateHealth in object: ThirdPersonCharacter with description: Attempted to assign to None

  10. Kokobiel Draws
    Kokobiel Draws says:

    I’ve followed this tutorial through three times and nothing is happening. Is this specific to any version of Unreal Engine 4? Any way you could help me out?

  11. HurtLockerGamingHD
    HurtLockerGamingHD says:

    after more trouble shooting…. it seems it’s the "three" Widgets that i made.."HealthBarWidget" "FoodBarWidget" :WaterBarWidget" that are not going with what i was trying to do… only one of the three will work at any given time it seems..? lol stuck like chuck

  12. soldieroscar
    soldieroscar says:

    Thanks. Got my health bar working, also added a delay of 5 seconds after you’ve taken damage before health starts to regenerate.

  13. S0raJr
    S0raJr says:

    The part at 2:40 did not work for me, I could create a Healthy Percentage as a float. But I can not have it set in my character blueprint

  14. Teknical Mage
    Teknical Mage says:

    Also How do you get the (CurrentHealth)/ (MaxHealth) divison sign to appear. I haven’t seen mine. I just get 1010 or 710 or 810 as opposed to 10/10

  15. Jack Unkelhaeuser
    Jack Unkelhaeuser says:

    i need help every time i load the game it clears health immediately. what did i do wrong? i double checked all the nodes it seems it should work but it doesn’t.

  16. Stellar
    Stellar says:

    if your health stops regeneration at 99/100 instead of becoming 100, change current health from Floor to Ceil, where you set the string values

  17. NehuyStealer
    NehuyStealer says:

    good tutorial, but I can’t understand everything you do, maybe if you explan why yo put things like delta seconds, we could learn better =s

  18. Malliana
    Malliana says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial 😀
    (The cool thing is that it work on a scene component ! So I can make shield system for my game, thanks a lot !
    Can you make a tutorial on How to take damages and die ? will be so great !)

  19. Бахти Баймухамедов
    Бахти Баймухамедов says:

    Awesome tutorial, Thank you very very veery much!!! It helped me with my project…
    There`ll be nice to watch more tutorials by you…. for example, i`m making underwater adventure, and I have to know, how to reduce oxygen value everytime, and increase it, when I take a baloon of oxygen, or If i`m indoor of the station (max oxygen everytime)


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