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14 replies
  1. Narelle Baker
    Narelle Baker says:

    Awesome talk Hao , have you guys ever thought about doing embossed kokaine phone and iPad covers , I think that would be sick.

  2. Cyndi Luv
    Cyndi Luv says:

    I honestly really love these types of talk, as well as the one you did with Toby about developing a business and how/who to reaching out to. It’s really insightful and intriguing because when looking at the surface of things, it looks like such an easy process but in reality a lot of thought and work is obviously put into developing a business and getting to where you guys are now ! Plus can’t get my mind over how well spoken you are Hao, super awesome 👏 Lovin it !
    And alsooo it’s my birthday today ^^ funny thing is my friends didn’t know they could only get kokaine merch at certain times only so they were super bumped out and kept dwelling on the fact that they couldn’t get me any kokaine cause they know how obsessed I am 😂😂😂 but hopefully I can cop some more things during the next pop up in Melbourne ! ^^


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