Creating 3D Graphics for Your Live Stream

Creating 3D Graphics for Your Live Stream

S2 EP36 Creating 3D Graphics for Your Live Stream

Welcome to WirecastLive S2 EP36. In our first segment titled “Using NewBlue’s Titler Live,“ Andrew interviews Travis White with NewBlueFX and Travis gives an overview on how to create 3D titles. In the second segment of the show, Andrew will show you how to bring those titles into Wirecast.

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Join us every Thursday @ 2:30 PM PT for WirecastLive. Scheduled guest in 2017 to date are Mari Smith Facebook Live expert, Imry Halevi with Harvard University, and many more.

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This is a weekly show where we cover topics that include live streaming, (Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube and other live streaming destinations), broadcasting in general, marketing your online business, social media and live streaming, Wirecast tips and techniques and anything else we can think of. (All our live show are fully edited and uploaded to within a few days after the show.)

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