Water Dispersion Effect Photoshop Tutorial

« i am splashed » ~ Tutorial video how making Pixel Explosion Effect (dispersion) water splash on an apple photo, easily by using Adobe Photoshop.

This tutorial can also be tried on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC. Happy trying and salam (peace).

Stock images : https://goo.gl/XUf2Gr

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Backsound : Now Is Now ~ by Dan O’Connor | http://danosongs.com ~ Royalty Free Music

50 réponses
  1. David Gagnon
    David Gagnon dit :

    There’s no dispersion usage in this, incorrectly labeled. It’s a layer mask/magic-wand/adjustment layer tutorial.

  2. sara nader
    sara nader dit :

    To remove the background, click on the white, go to select inverse, click alt J. This will give you just the apple and your original is safe.

  3. VintageNewscast
    VintageNewscast dit :

    This fucking music! Why can’t you people just teach, by actually instructing people, instead of finding an excuse to play fucking music. Such a waist of people’s time.

  4. Dave Munn
    Dave Munn dit :

    yeah, tutorial is easy to follow but the music should be replaced with a verbal ‘how to’ step by step to guide beginners on this relatively easy production. Cannot understand why people want to wiz through ( ok you can slow it down I know) and not speak a friggin’ word- what’s up with you guys? afraid of your own voice?

  5. pawit tanyacharoenkarnca
    pawit tanyacharoenkarnca dit :

    I’m very proud to permanent subscribe your great channel. Would you mind to subscribe me back. Thank you so much my friend. Greetings from Bangkok Thaialnd.

  6. Gmelin Lepold
    Gmelin Lepold dit :

    Love the music. Can u please make more videos using these types of beats. Been bumping this in my civic this am while watching ur tutorial


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