Tutorial Video Lyrics (Adobe After Effects)

Tutorial Video Lyrics (Adobe After Effects)

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  1. cellano
    cellano dit :

    So I followed what you said and for some reason it refuses to zoom in when you try and change the z axis under the null object. (Around 10:08 in your video). Any ideas? Comp is set to 3d and I have the active camera set. I do have some Illustrator layers in the comp.

  2. Acsmitte5
    Acsmitte5 dit :

    The tutorial is ok, but you need to show more, oh how you’re doing things. I think your automatically using shortcuts because you’re so used to it but I’m not. An example is like how did you go into the editing part after you made a pre composition? You just clicked a shortcut key on your keyboard and idk what it was.

  3. Cor'Darius Brown
    Cor'Darius Brown dit :

    My text is not showing up and it isn’t under anything it only shows up when my red bar is far left to the panel but when i move it it doesn’t pop back up even after it gets to that part

  4. Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson dit :

    You don’t explain half of the things that you are doing. You are assuming that everyone has a above basic knowledge of the software. 5/10

  5. yinde citychyt
    yinde citychyt dit :

    bruhhh honestly….i kinda feel like its not even worth making a lyric video by the time it would take lol…might as well just shoot a real video with footage…but torial was dope

  6. Anto Addabbo
    Anto Addabbo dit :

    worst tutorial ever…if you don’t mind to actually explain the shortcuts you’re using because the video becomes too long, then don’t do it in the first place. Peace.

  7. Hitesh Gadhia
    Hitesh Gadhia dit :

    Hey Buddy !! Excellent – I never write comments – but after watching this sharp video i felt like posting at least Thanks to you ! God Bless 🙂

  8. ThatOneAndy
    ThatOneAndy dit :

    This tutorial lacks elaboration. While the tutorial might be useful for advanced users, some users simply cannot comprehend the amount of keyboard shortcuts you’re using. Hence, making it really hard to follow along.

  9. empora raps
    empora raps dit :

    Ehm, so good so far. Having an issue though.. I have this text transformed etc and it just steps in at the frames i want it to, instead of giving an effect like the fly in or something. I see you using some type of mark to set your start animation point and end points and edit the values. Sadly while i try to edit the begin marker it changes the value of the second marker/other markers aswell.. it overwrites them all to the same value, what am I doing wrong?

    AE 2017

  10. Dhiraj Rathod
    Dhiraj Rathod dit :

    you should have even guided us with the key you are pressing on the keyboard and elaborate what are you actually animating and why you are doing so


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