Photoshop Tutorial: Cartoon Effect / Vector Art / Vexel Art – Ellen Adarna

Vector Art Tutorial Photoshop CS6. In this vector art video tutorial, I will show you how to create Vector Art in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using Pen Tool. This tutorial is very useful even if you’re still a beginner in Vector Art, this video may be a little bit fast, but you can still learn how to vector and If you find this vector art tutorial video very fast and you can’t follow the steps, please adjust the playback speed. or you can watch my other videos/playlist.

BTW, this is also applicable to other versions of Photoshop (CS3, CS4, CS5, CC).

Model: Ellen Adarna

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Step by Step Vector Art Tutorial for Beginners:

Vector x Vexel Art Photoshop Tutorial:

Basic Photoshop Tutorials and Photoshop Effects:

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50 réponses
  1. Call meDUANE
    Call meDUANE dit :

    Ammmm…it this a tutorialor not! Maybe you put the wrong name on your video, but hey! Nice editing do! I kinda understand what your doing, but still this is not a tutorial.

  2. not your typical normie guy
    not your typical normie guy dit :

    hey! can I ask for the palette you used?

    and oh please make a tutorial on how to make your own skin palette plssssss


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