How to do natural HDR in AURORA HDR 2019 new major update

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I will show you some of the new engines of Aurora, as per their developer:

At the core of this update is Skylum’s revolutionary Quantum HDR EngineTM, an AI- powered tone mapping technology that has been three years in the making within Skylum AI lab. Now, when creating an HDR image using multiple bracketed shots, Quantum HDR Engine meticulously analyzes the photos and intelligently merges them. Not only does it minimize the major issues that other HDR merging tools have, but it also generates stunning results, producing images that are dynamic yet natural-looking.

Specifically, whether you’re working with bracketed shots or a single image, the Quantum HDR Engine reduces burned colors, loss of contrast, and noise, as well as mitigates unnatural lighting caused by halos and unstable deghosting. To do this, Skylum developers tested thousands of bracketed shots through a neural network and took those findings to develop the technology needed to create incredible HDR photographs. The result is an editing software with a solid performance for even the highest end architecture and real estate photography projects.

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Voila – the latest digital imaging tutorial!

13 réponses
  1. Greg C
    Greg C dit :

    Nice work showing off the software Serge, don’t understand the "ah too much" comments. This tutorial is to show the software folks, not the image.
    When you get your own copy you can tone down your own images, or pump up the volume to what ever you like. Good to see what the new version can do.
    Thanks Serge.

  2. CJ Majesty
    CJ Majesty dit :

    Sorry Serge, I bought the last version with your code, and found PS to be better. I feel the HDR is overdone, even when I turn it all the way down.
    Do you have to pay for this update?

  3. Milan Chudoba
    Milan Chudoba dit :

    Why Serge why? Your videos was great few months ago but right now I dont understand.. where is natural look in this video? Its fake and you see that I hope…

  4. Carlo Ritter
    Carlo Ritter dit :

    Hi Serge – one might argue over questions of personal taste, but your explanations are really clear and helpful to me, thanks!
    I am a newbie to HDR and I have Aurora on pre-order – looking forward to starting!


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