Web marketing training, Toronto

Objectives of the SEO and web marketing training in Toronto and Markham

This SEO training in Toronto continues allows you to master the challenges of online marketing, to seize the opportunities of web 2.0 in order to use its possibilities to achieve a better Marketing strategy.

SEO and SEM web marketing course, Toronto, Markham and Mississauga

the Web marketing is a new form of web strategy which brings together all the actions that make it possible to strengthen web marketing course in lévisyour visibility. But also, it is a system that favors your website excellent traffic and SEO while using the internet as the main channel of communication. This concept of Web marketing now seamlessly integrates with your marketing strategy global. It allows you to create a kind of complicity and loyalty relationship between you and Internet users. This training helps you to have all the keys in hand in order to carry out a web strategy winning.

This workshop is for everyone, but is much more for people who have a website, webmasters, or managers marketing and project managers.

Presentation of the Toronto Internet Marketing Course

  • Definition of Web marketing
  • Evolution of Web marketing
  • The steps of the online marketing
  • From online marketing to digital marketing
  • The uses and behaviors of internet users, mobile users and tablonauts
  • Understand the web 2.0 and know how to use it
SEO courses in Toronto and Lévis in business
  • Optimize sound website and reference it
  • The keys to ensuring visibility on the web
  • animate sound website and his Online Store
  • Choosing a good approach online marketing
  • Notions reputation and digital identity
  • How to use the digital marketing
  • Ergonomics of a website
  • Control and succeed in campaigns emailing and the newsletters companies
  • How to engage campagenes Google analytics and Google Ads
  • seminar and conference on the use of social media
  • How to make Viral marketing
Professional Development in Web Marketing in Toronto.
  • Use the techniques of search marketing
  • Method for the natural reference
  • Business Coaching on the roles and missions of the manager Web marketing
  • Strategies for promoting or co-designing products or services
  • Optimize these campaigns online marketing on the Web, the mobile and offline
  • Practical cases of winning strategies
  • The key performance factors (KPIs) website and mobile
  • Private lessons on the animation of your web marketing platforms.