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Corporate courses in website design with WordPress in Toronto and Calgary

Learn How to Use WordPress Course Offered in Toronto

This content management system (also called CMS) is so popular that Google he himself made researchers available to help in its development. If WordPress is so popular it is mainly because its platform is today one of the most reliable and easy to use for manage your website. Learning to master this platform through our WordPress training will certainly be relevant for your business and your career!

In addition to good practices for using the platform, our WordPress training in Toronto also gives you the keys to optimize your visibility on the web. Having a beautiful website is good, but having visitors is even better! Therefore, you will learn how to optimally design your website to meet the criteria of Google SEO, and thus stand out in the search results.


Available during business hours: 09:00 – 17:00 

Workshop 'INITIATION WordPress everywhere in Ontario

The dashboard

•Inspect the dashboard
•Getting familiar with the dashboard
•Change WordPress settings

WordPress content

•Add content
•The page versus the article
•Add / edit / delete content
•Work together with the CSS
•Insert media files to your content
•Integrate content from Youtube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter
•Media management
•Add hyperlinks to your content
•Make your content shareable
•Add content
•Create and customize a menu
•Make an article
•Publishing a blog post
•Editing a Post

Categories and keywords

•Work effectively with categories and keywords
• Differentiate the category from the keyword
•Create categories
• Identify the keywords on an article


•Analyze the traffic on your site
•Create a Google Analytics account
•Workshop for creating a WordPress site
•Create an account on WordPress.com
•Monitor the blog
•Add users to the blog

WordPress plugins

•What is an extension?
•Use extensions to manage comments
•Use extensions
•Find and install an extension
•Modify the options of an extension
•Uninstall an extension
•Update an extension

Corporate WordPress Continuing Education in Calgary

  • Thanks to our WordPress training, you will have full control over your WordPress website and you will be able to manage it perfectly. In addition, you will benefit from personal follow-up and materials such as video tutorials and training summary user manuals.
Private WordPress coaching in Calgary and Toronto
Did you know that thanks to its global success, WordPress now has the help of Google researchers to accelerate its growth? This CMS (Content Management System) partner of Google represents today the most popular and the most reliable platform to create and manage your site. The reign of WordPress on the CMS market is here to stay, learning to use it as part of our WordPress training represents a certain value for your company and for your personal career.
Business website creation courses via web cam and Zoom Toronto
Learn how to update your website with WordPress in Toronto

Thanks to our Classes WordPress in Edmonton and our guide that will be given to you at the end of our training, you will be able to fully manage your website, update it and make the changes you deem necessary. No more waiting times for the update: you will be able to modify your website and maintain your blog in real time!

Continuous training of professionals with WordPress and web marketing for web3 and online courses via private video conference Toronto

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CORPORATE WordPress training in Calgary

WordPress is a software platform for managing any kind of website: from blog to portfolio, from corporate website to online shopping site. It is the most popular platform on the Internet, currently driving more than 20% sites on the web. WordPress offers two systems to users, both free: the creation of a site hosted by WordPress, via the platform WordPress.org, and a CMS (content management system), hosted by the user, via the Wordpress.org platform. English courses

* 10% reduction applies when paying for 4 sessions of 3 hours.
You can book private or group lessons on site or via Zoom.
Training can be given in English or French.
For on-site training, travel and/or parking fees may apply depending on your location.

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