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Brief description of the Adobe InDesign CC workshop in Gatineau and Ottawa

This InDesign training in Calgary and Edmonton allows you to master this complete layout software to produce quality documents. Layout without constraint, develop your creativity, while improving your production efficiency... This is the objective of this InDesign Calgary training : by understanding the intricacies of this complete software, the effective management of long documents, your know-how will match your ambitions. Since this is a private lesson, you can choose the topics that will be covered. Of the Indesign exercises will be created with your immediate needs in mind during this Indesign workshop.

Objective of the InDesign course in Ottawa

  • Creation of brochures, leaflets, bookmarks, business cards, etc.
  • Design of annual reports, catalogs, magazines, etc.
  • Formatting of electronic documents, Interactive PDFs, ePubs, Folios, etc.
  • It is strongly recommended to prepare your images using the software Adobe Photoshop.Thus, you ensure a better visual quality. If you already have Photoshop, it could be discussed during your training at no additional cost.
  • Talk to your trainer before your training and plan an InDesign training plan. Take the opportunity to deepen your mastery of the software.
  • Discuss topics that will be useful to you immediately.
  • Leverage the expertise of a trainer with production experience with Adobe software.


Adobe CC Calgary Training Content

The InDesign interface

  • Adobe InDesign tools
  • The signs
  • Display management
  • Guides and grids
  • Commented landmarks
  • Adobe InDesign preferences
  • workspace customization
  • placement, locking, duplication, alignment

Create an adobe indesign document

  • Format
  • Margins
  • Notion of bleed

Working with text and typography in InDesign

  • Enter, select and edit text
  • The font binder
  • Master typographic management techniques
  • line spacing, tracking, hyphenation, justification settings
  • The text block
  • Chain blocks of text
  • The special characters
  • Front line offsets
  • The withdrawal of the text
  • Import methods
  • chaining
  • The texts in columns
  • Mastering style sheets
  • paragraph styles
  • character styles

The colour

  • The colorimetric modes
  • The color management system
  • Outline
  • Manage and create CMYK, RGB and spot colors
  • Save and share a color chart

Advanced layout: images, skins, tables and layers

  • Master the different image formats
  • Tiff, Psd, Png, Jpeg, Illustrator EPS…
  • Import images (prior preparation in photoshop)
  • Manage links
  • Dress up simple or complex images
  • Create libraries
  • Create tables
  • Import Excel tables
  • Use layer groups to gain flexibility and security
  • Table and cell styles
  • Data import
  • Link to data source


  • Reminders on the digital image
  • Import
  • Using Bridge
  • The placement of images
  • ICC profiles
  • The links with the external file
  • Transformations
  • The colorings
  • Clippings

Create templates and prepare the document for the various distributions

  • Role of the template
  • Understanding the Pages Panel
  • Application to a page
  • Leverage page variations to accommodate different layout purposes
  • Address Liquid Layout Rules
  • Create simple templates with folios
  • Release template elements
  • Master the organization
  • Collect, distribute the document (PDF, SWF format).
  • Reflection on new distribution methods (tablets, etc.)

Managing pages and files

  • Standard pages or models
  • Page numbering
  • Numbering a long and complex document
  • Transfers between documents
  • File Management


  • EPS export
  • PDF export
  • Create bookmarks automatically and include them inside a PDF document
  • Embed metadata in articles.
  • Export for the web


Know how to use a computer.

Pedagogical approach

The InDesign course is based on a personalized approach that takes into account your background, your skills and what you want to learn.

Documents or materials provided

. Computers
. Software
. Technical assistance

Documents or materials to bring

. USB key
. Paper and pencils
. your ideas


This InDesign training truly meets your needs and offers the possibility of deepening your knowledge, at your own pace. The schedule is planned according to your availability.

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Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec: 418 478-1647

Ottawa: 613 366-1743

Toronto: 416 907-8551

[email protected]

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