FL Studio training (FruityLoops)

Lessons with FL studio

The FL Studio software (new name of FruityLoops since its version 4) is used for the creation and production of electronic music. It is both an editor, a recorder and a sequencer, based on the concept of patterns introduced into a playlist.


This course allows you to use, in a functional and efficient way, the main applications of the software. The student is therefore able to understand the particularities of the FL Studio software for recording and editing audio-midi.


. Configuring the sound card and sound settings
. Tempo/signature
. the MIDDAY
. audio
. The creation of patterns
. Virtual instruments (VST)
. Loop design
. Stretch/pitch
. The assembly of the different patterns to create a musical piece
. Overview of the mix
. Transfer tracks to stereo for mix down final


This one-to-one course from FL Studio really meets your needs and allows you to deepen your knowledge, at your own pace. The course schedule is planned according to your availability.




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