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Dreamweaver courses in the Quebec City area

Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver) has established itself as the best creation and management tools in the field of internet sites. Using an intuitive visual interface, it allows the user to create pages website sophisticated containing code HTML, dynamic HTML and JavaScript. Dreamweaver also allows developers to add interactive content to pages website through the use of server technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.Net, ColdFusion and PHP.


Understand the differences between static and dynamic site. Use the software Dreamweaver and be able to make a site Internet in HTML and CSS while integrating interactivity and Javascript functions.


Adobe Dreamweaver the base
- Become aware of the first steps before the realization (Story-board, Tree structure, hosting, domain name)
-Static and dynamic how to know?
-Site modification website
-The different particularities of the page website, what must be distinguished.
-Presentation of the various working modes
Knowledge ofare paintings, how to recognize them and their main function in Dreamweaver
-How to insert images, integrated them into your layout and interactive tools
-Understand the interaction with other pages using different styles of hyperlinks
- CSS, how to use it and create an interesting layout.
-The site management function website with the software Dreamweaver
-Use form functions
-The different browsers, how to test our site.
- The different form fields.
-Behavior and events in Adobe Dreamweaver

A training Dreamweaver which really meets your needs and offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge at your own pace.
Hours vary according to your availability.

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