Adobe Illustrator Course Gatineau

Adobe Illustrator Course Gatineau

Adobe Illustrator is a program commonly used by professionals such as web

masters, graphic designers, or even artistic directors. Indeed, it is a complete software

which gives all the necessary elements to create dazzling graphics. However, it is not

not used only by professionals, because some enthusiasts are also more interested in it

in addition. To allow these beginners to understand the basics and get by,

these courses on Adobe Illustrator have been well enriched. In fact, this continuing education inculcates

the fundamental things so that the beginner who starts on Illustrator is well armed. Furthermore,

if it is a business, business coaching is also included in the program

of training.

Course objectives

This workshop will be involved in the general presentation of Adobe Illustrator, but especially in its

complete understanding so that you can create graphic elements for a project

anything related to video or the web.


  • Ability to use a computer
  • Software overview
  • Understand the Adobe Illustrator application interface
  • Distinguish menus
  • Understanding Dialogs
  • Understand how the tools work
  • Locate palettes, layers, zoom, guides
  • Understand rules, unit, display
  • Choose your work preferences.
  • Master the basics of the software

Explanation of the basics of vector drawing with Adobe Illustrator software

  • Definition of vector drawing in Illustrator
  • Recognize all vector shapes
  • The different techniques
  • Drawing tools: pen, pencil, brush, rounding
  • Understand all types of plots
  • Personal development on the notions of Béziers curves

Manage Objects

  • Make the outlines
  • Ability to overlay plans
  • Associate some objects and others
  • Lock or hide objects on your workspace
  • Set up your landmark
  • Conversions
  • Use of traces and typography
  • Trace attachment points
  • Selection
  • Transformation
  • Deformation
  • Dialog box
  • Contextual menu
  • Design tools
  • Forms of tracks
  • Text templates
  • Layout
  • Vectorization
  • Use of layers
  • Overlays
  • Nestings
  • Stacks

See more

To support you further, a seminar and even a conference will be organized

with experts in Gatineau, to allow you to better understand the scope of the course. By

elsewhere, if you need private lessons or private lessons on Adobe illustrator, you

can trust the trainers.