Quebec City Photoshop Course

Our Adobe Photoshop CC training courses in Quebec and Lévis are designed to offer you an exceptional opportunity to acquire infographic skills leading. Learn infographics with us represents a considerable asset for your company and your employees. Adobe Photoshop CC is the essential tool for creating and manipulating images, whether for photo editing, graphic design, or the creation of impactful visual elements for your marketing.

Photo editing course with Adobe Photoshop CC Quebec City, Repentigny and Montreal

Infographics courses on Adobe in Quebec and Lévis

By choosing our training, your employees will have the opportunity to explore in depth the advanced features of Photoshop CC, to control the image editing techniques, of creating professional graphics and editing. These skills will allow them to produce high quality visuals, strengthen thevisual identity of your business, and improve the visual communication of your products or services.

Photoshop CC Training Workshop in Quebec

Training in design and photo editing on Adobe Photoshop CC

Moreover, our courses are taught by experienced trainers which will guide you through practical exercises and real-world projects, ensuring a thorough understanding of the software. In investing in our Adobe Photoshop CC training, you invest in the growth and competitiveness of your business, by equipping your employees with the essential skills to excel in the field of infographics and visual design.

Learn graphic design with the Adobe CC suite and personalized Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Photoshop CC training in business and corporate courses in Montreal

Examples of possible production with Photoshop training and the Adobe suite in Quebec:

Advertising posters: Design in Photoshop, layout with InDesign, graphic elements from Illustrator.

Promotional videos: Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, special effects and animations with After Effects, retouching and graphic compositions with Photoshop.

Websites: Design and models in Photoshop, integration of graphic elements in Adobe XD or Dreamweaver.

Magazines and brochures: Images retouched with Photoshop, layout in InDesign, illustrations and logos imported from Illustrator.

Animations for social media: GIFs or short animations created with After Effects, retouching and edits in Photoshop.

By completing the program, participants will be able to not only master the advanced tools of Photoshop, but also integrate their work with other software in the Adobe suite for a professional result.

Training Workshop on Layers in Adobe Photoshop in Quebec

Discover the art of handling layers in Adobe Photoshop During our training workshop in Quebec. Mastering layers is essential to fully exploit the potential of Photoshop, because they allow you to layer, organize and modify elements individually without affecting the other components of the image.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create, manage, and merge layers, use layer masks for non-destructive editing, and play with blending modes for creative effects. Join us and enhance your design and photo editing skills.