Adobe Acrobat DC training in Toronto

Learn PDF document creation with Adobe Acrobat DC in Toronto and Calgary

In your professional life, you sometimes write documents for your company or

for your personal use. To do this, you use specific software such as

office suites to create these documents. Only it happens that you want to share

the information contained in these documents by email or via the web. To arrive at

carry out this sharing and make your information more accessible to your customers or

your work colleagues, you necessarily need a different file format. To succeed,

this training will allow you to understand how Adobe Acrobat works. Through

theoretical and practical courses, you will finally be able to share your documents with everyone

world. In addition, you will even have the chance to attend the expert conference near

at home or take advantage of private lessons given by the trainers.

Training aims

This workshop will allow anyone wishing to share their documents with their friends,

colleagues at work or on the web. It will also allow you to master the creation and editing of

PDF files.

Software definition of Adobe Acrobat and its software suite

  • Introduction to the PDF format and its importance in document sharing
  • Explanation of the Adobe Acrobat software concept
  • Study of software compatibility with different platforms.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Presentation of the software interface
  • Navigating the interface
  • Presentation of the menu and the toolbar
  • Explanation of the role of toolbar items
  • Import or export files, text or media
  • The search tool

Creation of PDF files

  • Create PDF files from the web, paper or any type of texts
  • Text and media editing options
  • Add or remove pages
  • Basic text functions
  • How to design interactive files
  • Insert comments
  • Create presentations
  • Structure of Acrobat
  • Advanced functions

Particularity of the training

This continuing education also includes a professional development seminar, to

ensure better follow-up of those concerned or to provide them with some support. Whether

you are a company, you will be able to benefit from business coaching in order to

give the solutions to understand and generate a better workflow in business.

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